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    Was at the range yesterday. Had a few (About 5 out of 300) .45 reloads that did not want to feed. But these were from when I just started reloading for them and didn't have them down pat yet. My 7.62X54R reloads were great, and my 10mm reloads were perfect. My .223 tracer reloads were wonderful to watch. I think I made a wimpy bunch of .454 Casulls and will have to up the powder charge for them. But it was still a relief to switch from them to my .45 Colt reloads to ease the palm pain from the recoil.

    Almost makes me wish I would have taken my Sig P229 with me, too. But the sun was going down when we finally left.
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    i keep going with 29 gr. of 4227 and a 300 gr. bullet

  3. Billy, what all powders have you experimented with for .45? And is that acp or colt or both? Or don't it matter? Remember, I'm a newbie when it comes to reloading. lol
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    45 COLT
    and 1 or 2 others but i got a good deal on a big jug of trailboss and like it so thats what i am using.
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    I just switched to Ramshot Enforcer, and was at the low end of the range. Better wimpy starting loads than flying pieces of metal first time out.