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Hogs gone wild

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Grandson n I spent the early part of this week in south Texas chasing hogs. His spring break from college so did a quick down n back.
My friend told us where he was seeing hogs on each of his ranches and when, so we planned our spot n stalk hunts accordingly. First two days we just killed as many as we could, leaving them for his ranch hands to dispose of the next day.
The last two days we targeted meat hogs, about 125lb size, taking two for the cooler. Did kill 7 with one shot. Pregnant sow.
Planned our quick exit from Texas due to snow storms on Thursday and Saturday up north. Had good weather on the drive home. Today is a white out.
I gave my grandson his great-great grandfathers Model 1899 Savage rifle on this trip although he didn’t take an animal with it. He’s pretty excited to receive it as I was to present it to him.
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Nice hunt Tom and a shame you didnt have a few more days to hunt. Nice rifle and sure your Grandson was excited with rifle and hunt. Thanks for sharing the pics and story.
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