hollywood and obama, two peas in a pod

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    is it me, or am i sick of the elite? i for one intend to boycott hollywood as much as possible (not that i watch any of john wells shows anyway, i mean ER an the west wing suck)

    obviously they dont care about the every day worker who makes their extravagant lives possible............let them eat cake much?
  2. Well,

    a long time ago the term Limousine Liberals was developed for the Hollywood crowd. It is just chasing the media for drawing attention to the liberal cause of the moment.

    These people do not really believe in anything but attention and fame.

    When one liberal cause drops out of the limelight they will move to the next liberal cause getting some attention on the five o'clock news.

    To let you know just how little worldwide actors and actresses care about anything you can just read the history of Germany prior to 1933. Many in the movie crowd were happy to get attention supporting the Nazi cause.
    Only a very few opposed it or fled to America. If you read the history of Spain you will find that many in the movie industry supported Franco when it got them attention.

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    To me BHO is at least one rung below the Hollywood crowd, and will remain there, until he learns to memorize his lines and not use a teleprompter. Without the teleprompter, he couldn't even hold a supporting role in a high school play!