Hollywood Hypocrosy

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Calvin, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Calvin

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    I was just thinking about all of the actors who have anti-gun sentiments, but have no problem making money with a prop gun. I just saw a part of the Stallone/Banderras movie "The Asassains" and saw another anti-NRA poster in the movie. It was for a brief second, but it took up the whole screen. Ironically, it occured during a fight with guns. Kinda like "Lethal Weapon 4", with its 2 anti-gun/NRA posters.
    Stallone wants all handguns taken from civilians, but he has 2 of the largest gun safes Canon has ever made, stocked full of rifles and pistols.
    Mel Gibson hasn't even made up his mind about the 2nd Amendment. I don't think I need to say anything about his list of movies.
    Julia Roberts has admitted she doesn't like guns, but also has admitted she carries a concealed handgun "just in case".
    Michael Gross, the gun-crazed survivalist in the "Tremors" flicks.
    Jack Lord of "Hawaii Five-O" fame.
    Louis Gossett, Jr. of the "Iron Eagle" string of (poor) movies.
    Michael Douglas from "Romancing The Stone" and it's sequel. He also heads the U.N. gun-confiscation program.
    I know I've forgotten a lot of these hypocrytes. I just am sick of the two-faced big-money actors/actresses/directors/producers who say one thing, but will stop at nothing to make a buck.
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  2. Indy

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    I was about to send a note to Alec Baldwin to check on why he hasn't left the country. It is a bitter disappointment. If he lacks the necessary funds, maybe we can take up a collection.

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    That's interesting. I didn't know about those posters and what not in those movies. Have to re-rent them. Of course, I was still a teenager when Mel was making Lethal Weapons........

    I'm curious to know more......
  4. Logansdad

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    gunfights in the movies draw crowds...I remember the first "Lethal Weapon" where Mel Gibson pulled a 9mm fmj round out of his Beretta's mag and says "I even got a hollowpoint to do it right" to Danny Glover when he's talking about suicide after Mel and that other guy jumped off the building...
    On the other hand don't take anything an entertainer says seriously...they're BS Artists it's in the job discription...Alec Baldwin is sewage...just like Streisand
  5. The real problem is


    The real problem with the Hollywood Hypocrites is the dim witted public eats the sh&t up every time a STAR drops a load! Then they go tothe movies and pay the hypocrites to try and take away their right to own a gun.

    Education is the key here. Also, force. The force of numbers. I won't climb the ol NRA/Apathetic gun owner soap box again, but if just 1/2 of the legal gun owners in this country belonged to the NRA and voted, well the threats to the second ammendment would be non threats!
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    got that right sniper, seems some folks will shell out the big bucks for a new gun, but can't part with the cost of a membership, be it NRA, GOA or what ever.
  7. Calvin

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    Susan Sarandon and Barbara Streisand were supposed to move with old Baldwin, too.
  8. If what Calvin says is true, if they leave the country, our national IQ average should go up 3-5 points.
  9. Calvin

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    If we could get Spike Lee to go with them, we'd have it made....
  10. Rave

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    Well,think about it,they ARE "actors."
    Just like politicians and lyiers,they are paid to play a role and speak their lines,therefore you can never believe what they say as they are so good at lying!
    You know most of them have a PC agenda,if for no other reason than to fit in socially.

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    Sniper is on target again!
  12. Logansdad

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    I wish that San Andreas fault would fail
  13. Klaus

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    Why? That would just move SoCal higher up.