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    Can I fit a holographic sight on my wife's soon to be Marlin M-60?.. Just looking for a gun sight she will enjoy...Something she can pull the trigger and spray with some accuracy.. She doesn't like her pistols, maybe something a little softer in the ways of recoil...Thanks.
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  2. You should be able to mount one, but you will likely need a 3/8 dovetail to Picatinny Adapter, lots of decent red-dots out there, I've had good luck with Holosun and Vortex and prefer ones with 2moa dots on any kind of rifle.

    One thing about red-dots to remember though is that if you have vision problems like astigmatism they often won't look correct (dot can be star shaped, teardrop shaped or doubled depending on your vision), and also if you're older as well as many folks have slight vision problems that they don't need glasses for, so before I went that route I would make sure that she's tried looking through one first if she hasn't already. If that is an option a low magnification prism scope is another good option.
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    This was going to be a surprise for her as she's watching me work on a Mossberg 352KD I picked up for 2 of my grand-sons.. I was going to buy her a Marlin M-60 for it's ease of operation, but Marlin is out of business and no longer making them. Also, my local shop just can't seem to get anything in, including Ruger 10/22's.
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    The shortage is real. I am selling off uninteresting firearms right now to make room in the safe, and stuff is just disappearing as soon as I post. Not sure where I'm going to find more interesting firearms to replace the holes though...
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    I have one I put on a hunting rifle and didn't like it.

    Put it on my 10-22 I was using to shoot squirrels out the bathroom window for about a year. Still wasn't ideal, but I already had it so I used it that way. It was kinda fun but I don't find them very practical.
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    My buddy just can't seem to get any long arms into the shop, they disappear like crazy. Another friend of mine has a 30/30 Marlin lever action for sale for 4350.. My buddy who owns the gun shop said to buy it immediately!
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  8. I Hope there's a misplaced period in there Somewhere! $4,350~ And if Not.... "Have Guns, Will Travel" might apply! :D
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  9. I gave the SeeAll Open Sight ( Delta or Crosshair ) a try and found it to be very accurate no battery needed very bright you can quickly acquire the sight. I have used it on my Ruger 10/22 & Ruger PC 9 CARBINE, 12 gauge Shotgun & Kel-Tec CP 33 .22 Pistol.

    SeeAllOpenSight-01.jpg SeeAllOpenSight-02.jpg

      • AST & EASY SIGHTING - See All Open Sights have a bright Edge-Glow reticle so you get a quick and clear picture in low to full light conditions. The unique design and sighting method makes our sights easier to see than traditional iron sights.
      • NATURAL SIGHTING - Focus on the target, rather than the front post as traditional iron sights require. With a little practice you'll quickly adjust to the new sighting method and regardless of your angle or eye position you'll hit where you aim!
      • EASY INSTALL & NO BATTERIES REQUIRED - Installs in a few minutes and compatible with a single Picatinny or weaver rail! All parts needed to mount are included. Stop carrying an extra set of batteries and constantly adjusting your sight. Set it and shoot!
      • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE - Built in the USA to be tough as nails and functional in ALL conditions. Get it wet or drop it - our sight will hold zero round after round. No-gap construction means no hazing, fogging, or scratching of your optics. Tough sights made for use in the field by rugged individuals.
      • MADE IN THE USA with 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We stand behind our claim that this is the best open sight on the market. We offer a LIFETIME PARTS WARRANTY on our patented sight. We will take it back if you don't love it - no questions asked!
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    Me and my stupid fat fingers,lol!!!!I had a little problem last year with a stroke, and if I don't proof-read my writing, I'm in deep doo doo!!
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    CO doesn't allow scopes on muzzle loaders when hunting. I am one of the fools who bought the suppressed 50 cal muzzle loader rifles. Which I love, FYI, it's hilarious. Because of the integral suppressor it doesn't have sights and is only tapped for a scope. I bought one of the See All sights for it. It seems dandy for my usage.

    For whatever it's worth.
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    Got me interested by the way on this one. Ignorant concerning the holographic sights as always went with scopes. Sound like a good alternative. Thanks for posting the video.
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    My younger son enjoyed our trip to the gun shop so much he bought a new Glock 43x
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    Short answer is yes, IAW the previous answers and the adapters.

    I'm not sure by 'holographic' if you mean true holographic or a red dot type of setup.

    The only true holographics I know of are the EoTech (I have this one) or the Vortex Razor UH1. A holosight is somewhat different than a red dot sight (RDS) but they work kinda the same in practice (a true holographic superimposes the reticle on the TARGET rather than a point in space and will maintain this size and focal point with or without magnification).

    There are many decent (much cheaper) RDSs on the market (Sig Romeo variants, Holosun, Sight Mark, etc) more befitting of the task than a true holographic sight. A remote mounted reflex (RMR) sight is also an option but I'm thinking any of the RDSs will fill your needs.

    One thing to watch for is putting too much height on the RDS relative to stock and cheek weld (i.e. having the RDS sit at the proper height). Most have a true or lower 1/3 cowitness mount height capability and you probably want the lower of the two when you put it on. Otherwise you have to look way too high on the rifle which is somewhat uncomfortable shooting.
  15. I've Looked at the "SeeAll" Sights several times over the years but have always been somewhat skeptical, and things like Amazon reviews can sometimes scare you out of buying many things (some warranted, some not since many folks either lack knowledge or aren't willing to do their part in using stuff and folks who are pizzed are ten times more likely to share their opinion than those who are satisfied).

    That being said I did just order one of their Gen 2's (Non Tritium) which are much more compact and not quite as "Fugly" to give it a try, I'm hoping that this version still has as bright of a sight picture as the original version
    considering it's smaller format.

    Here's a link to what the newer version looks like on Amazon:
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  16. Make sure its, not the pistol sight, My buddy ordered the Gen 2 Pistol sight by accident and had to return it but it was two weeks before getting the correct sight he needed. I am going to order another but with Tritium as I do most of my HOG hunting at night and in low light areas of the swamps. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I seen them years ago but am sorry I never ordered sooner.
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  17. Then the SEE ALL sight is for you!all you need is a pic rail mount. Good Luck Hunting this season .
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  18. Thanks for the Advice, Just checked my order and it says "For Rifles and Shotguns".
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  19. Can't go wrong with the old reliable 30 / 30 one of the most popular Deer cartridges ever made.
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