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  1. This may be a bit off topic since we're talking more about a low cost Dot Sight, but I'm in the process of building a pretty much Over the Top lightweight backpacking / hiking .22 based on a Ruger 10/22 Charger pistol with an aluminum Chassis and folding AR style pistol brace with emphasis on light weight / compact / durability and I went with this HolosunDot Sight:

    It's a Holosun HE507C-Gr-V2 and is marketed as a Pistol sight with an out the door retail price of around $375, but the sight picture on it is good (actually looks better to me a little closer in than at pistol distance, but I've yet to see how the 1moa click adjustment will work for my intended application) and I picked if up for a number of reasons listed below. I already have and use a Holosun HE403B which is a more traditional Dot Only sight that retails for around $125-150 that I like better than just about any other Dot Sight I own and his has the same "Shake Awake" feature and Crazy long battery life as well.

    Here are some of the Pro's and Con's of the HE507c-Gr (version 2):

    - 32 MOA Circle, 2 MOA Dot (can use Dot, Circle or Both)
    - Auto Standby with "Shake Awake" the Sight can be set to go to Sleep/Standby after 10 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours or Never and When you pick up your firearm or move it will instantly power back on.
    - The battery life is Insane, it's 10,000 hours with the Circle/Dot both on and 50,000 hours with Dot only at a power level of 6 (it has 12 brighness settings, 10 for daytime and 2 for NV).
    - It has a Solar Cell that powers it in Daylight and Auto Switches between Solar and Battery power, If the battery is Low Voltage the reticle will blink to let you know, but the sight will still work on Solar Power. I did check and it does need a battery installed to function, I need do drain a battery to test how well this works (obviously I need to make something to do this as I'm not patient enough to leave it on 24/7 for over a year to drain a battery!)
    - It has Auto Brightness control for the Reticle that can be turned on or off (Seems to work pretty good but I've not played with it enough yet to pass Judgement).
    - Very Compact and Light Weight, should be Extremely durable since it's designed to be mounted on the slide of a pistol.

    - Battery is in a tray with a small straight slot required to change it out (tool included) and Torqx tip needed to install / remove (tool included)
    - Battery is Non that Common - It uses a CR1632 (smaller diameter than 2032), which I did find at Wally World but not as readily available as a 2032. (The V1 of this sight uses a 2032, but you have to remove the sight to change it).
    - Cost!
    - 1 MOA click adjustments, fine for a pistol, but I'll have to verify how that works out otherwise.

    Holosun has a pretty wide array of Dot Sights and price points and so far I like their lower end stuff (I've had my HE403B on a 9mm carbine for close to a year including keeping in my Truck and so far so good).
    P1020747-I1250,A4.9,S1-100 s.jpg
    P1020748-I1000,A4.9,S1-100 s.jpg
    P1020749-I1600,A4.9,S1-100 s_1.jpg
    P1020751-I640,A5,S1-100 s.jpg

    Here's a link to Holosun's Web site for more information:
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  2. What is the price on this sight ? I like it ,looks like a good one, I like the circle dot display in green because green is good in both day light and darkness , red seems to wash out in day light .
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  3. I picked up the one in the photo's last month, $377 delivered from Primary Arms (link below):

    This is the one I Ordered (the "Elite" is green), currently Out of Stock, at least at PA:

    This is the same thing only in Red (currently in stock for $309 +Tax/Shipping)

    Keep in mind I've not vetted how suitable this is for Rifle mounting as far as how well it can be sighted in with 1 MOA click adjustment, Since it is a pistol sight and designed to be looked through from several feet away vs. several inches I'm not sure how spot on I will be able to adjust it.

    (thinking that if it's adjustment is too coarse I might be able to mitigate it somewhat by mounting it as far forward on the receiver as possible on my 10/22 Charger, but if that doesn't work it might still be viable on something like a flat top AR mounted farther out on the front grip)
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    Thank you all for the wonderful responses, they were appreciated..
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    Before I mounted it on my RMR-ready G17, I ran with a Trijicon dual-illum RMR on a mini-14 and later on my scorpion (which got an EoTech downline and seems to be the perfect solution for the PDW). It worked well; that Holosun looks nice (I've a red dot of theirs on an MP-15/22 in PA and it's worked great with the auto-on feature). The main issue on the Mini was when you put on the adapter into the ring mounts and then the RMR on top it sat WAYYYYY high; it was a boon though it just had a really unconventional and kinda-uncomfortable cheek/chin position.
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