Holster manufaturers, list by gun model please

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    I'm looking for a nice holster for my new Ruger SR9C but manufacturers seem to list by Glock or S&W and even though the same holster could also fit my Ruger I'll never know unless someone points out that a certain holster for some glock model will also fit my Ruger.

    Drives me nuts.

    I just want to go to a website like Don Hume and query on Ruger SR9C and see what they have that will meet my needs.

    Hopefully Ruger will make one with the Ruger eagle.
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  3. While not for a glock or ruger, a while back a friend aquired a beautiful full duty rig for her M1911A1 and I have been begging her where and how much cause I really want one just like it, deep russet leather, heavy duty, quad magazine pouches raked slightly forward thumb-break holster with all subdued brass furniture, untooled and waxed linen stitching beautiful beautiful!
  4. Click on a specific holster and scroll until you find the model or manufacturer. I took a quick look and found one listed for the SR9.


    Finding a few for the SR9 as a matter of fact. Not sure if it will work for the compact or not? It should, but what do I know. lol

    Have you tried here? They have one listed for the SR9C.

    SuperTuck Deluxe

    And they're great holsters that are very comfortable. Trust me, I have one. I highly recommend one as well as spending the extra $15 for Horsehide. As for the combat cut, up to you. I didn't get it and I seem to be able to get it out/draw just fine without it.

    You can also check Safariland and Fobus.
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    Thanks guys. Lots of good info there.
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    Completely agree on the supertuck. I've got one that I've used for about a year. Put it on and wear it enough to break it in, and you'll forget it's even there. I normally wear OWB, but when I need to go IWB this is the one I use. Heres another link that you might be interested in. Defensive Carry Holster Links