Holster/Pouch Used in the Fugitive

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    Great movie for starters!

    Does anyone know what Tommy Lee Jones' character was wearing in the scene where he lost his gun in the sewer and Han Solo (can't remember his name...I'm getting old) picked it up? If you recall, TLJ fell down a incline (or should I call it a....decline) and his gun went right to HS's feet. He picked it up and talked to TLJ for a second before running off. Once HS was gone, TLJ lifted his shirt/sweatshirt and opened a Velcro pouch to reveal a second Glock 17.

    My question is: what was that pouch thing? What would you call it? Does anyone have a brand name for it? I've been trying to figure that one out because I think that would be awesome to wear under the sweatshirts I wear all winter! Anyone help me?
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    Where is the love guys? I'm just looking for a chest rig type pouch to put a cc in. It can be as simple as a thin layer of material in back and a thin layer of material in front, with all the borders lined in Velcro.


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    Han Solo is played by Harrison Ford and played Richard Kimble in The Fugitive other than that I can't help you I don't know what it was
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    Thanks SUB. I figured that part out though. lol
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    I'm thinking it was made by Bianchi, but I can't for the life of me remember for sure.
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    I found some, and most of the time they call them 'Joggers Packs'
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    It was just a 1990's fanny pack holster.

    They still make them like this one. if you click on link and scroll down you can see the open picture.

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    Great Tac! You had to go and call it a fanny pack! Nevermind....I don't want one now.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Lol your welcome! I saved you the embarrassment haha. ;)
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    As noted you can buy the fancy one - which sticks out like a sore thumb so that everyone knows what you have - or you can get the smaller generic versions from Wally World for $6.


    Not so conspicuous and good for warm weather where you only wear a T-shirt and shorts. Will accommodate a small-medium sized pistol while your wallet will fit in the front zipper pocket and a rear pocket can hold a couple extra magazines. o_O
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    Huh? Wha..? I.....I....I don't wear fanny packs!
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    I recall the scene very well, because it is one of our favorite movies with TLJ and HF both. We own the DVD and rewatch it about every 6 months.

    The pistol pouch was made into his U.S. Marshall Tactical Vest, and was a velcro edged flap over his backup Glock pistol. I have no idea what THAT particular product's name is, but there are hundreds of Tactical Pistol Pouches for Tactical Vests listed on the internet.
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    TLJ probably sold more Glocks than any other man alive !
    "Get rid of that sissy pistol".
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    Well done!

    It was really bugging me, so I pulled out the DVD and watched Scene #15 "I didn't kill my wife."

    During the chase through the drain tunnels, Sam Gerrard (TLJ) is wearing the Team U.S. Marshall Jacket, with nothing over it. After he falls down the sloping tunnel, he is wearing a waist belt with a Velcro flapped pack in front, low on his belly. We know the flap is secured with Velcro, because he reaches across it with his left hand, pulls the cover open to the left (with the distinctive Velcro sound), then reaches in with his right hand to pull the spare Glock.

    It doesn't look like a "Fanny Pack" per se, but more like a thin profile pistol carrier on a web belt. I HATE Hollywierd film editing, because of stuff like this. He wasn't wearing it over his jacket when he was in the drive through road tunnel, or even in the beginning of the drain tunnel chase.

    So, after all that, I went looking for a Velcro flapped pistol carry pouch on a wide belt, via the internet. What a wild goose chase! LOL!!!
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    The same one I've been on since I started this post back in '16