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Holy Crap!!!!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Calvin, May 25, 2002.

  1. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Went to buy some Swede ammo yesterday, and they wanted $38 for a box of Norma!!! I almost had a coronary on the spot!! When did the price start including the ships' crews wages, and the fuel to run the ship?? I can remember a couple of months ago when the same ammo was $26/20 rounds. And, this was the same dealer!! Anyone know anything about this? I checked a ton of other places, and the price is about the same....

    :eek: :confused: :(
  2. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    as Klinton used to say,"i feel your pain!" have you checked around the internet ammo sources?? might get a better deal. 6.5 swede has always been higher in price surplus and new made over other calibers. don't know why. maybe its time to roll yer own!!:fuss: :nod:

  3. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Papa G, I do reload for it, but every now and then I like to see what she'll do with the factory fodder. However, if this is indicative of prices to come, I doubt it will ever shoot factory ammo again!!

  4. Swede

    Swede G&G Newbie

    Thats why I reload for my Swedes, I've gott some good loads in both 120 and 140 gr bullets if you would like the data let me know..........Swede.
  5. lefty o

    lefty o G&G Evangelist

    hey guys, dont know if your particular to a cerain brand of ammo or not,but remmington,winchester,federal ,pmc, and s&b all make ammo for the 6.5x55. and it all runs anywhere from 10-15$ a box so shop around ,unless that norma stuff is the only ammo that shoots well in your gun.
  6. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    It was just the price jump that got me. I figured I'd buy a couple of boxes to shoot, as it's been a while since I shot some Norma 6.5 Swede. My Swedes shoot just about any load really well, and, like Swede, I've got some handloads with 140 grain Sierras that are my favorite loads. This is just a classic case of "sticker shock". However, at $38/20, I figure I'll keep on shooting everything but Norma.

  7. shockwalter

    shockwalter G&G Newbie

    Check and you can get surplus 6.5x55, $73.00 for a 200 round battle pack of non-corrosive swedish made by Norma. I just purchased a 200 round battle pack and it's all Norma from 1977. Shoots great and the projectiles are the sharpest I've ever seen.:assult:
  8. tonto

    tonto G&G Newbie

    dain hornady light magnums are cheaper

    yessir i like the hornady light magnums, but pmc from sports mans guide offers three grades of 6.5 x 55 from like gold rated to bronze. i got the bronze and they shoot dain good for the 8-10.00 i paid. i am fixing to reload some 110grain hollow points just to see what the ole girl will do with them. But after everything else i have put through it it leaves me wishing i would have put my money into it instead of a new .270 for deer hunting!
    As for big bucks for 20 rounds, tell 'em to pound salt straight up their *** and shop around.
    my old mauser still has me believing this- if a Swede is wanting you dead, count yurself' dead! WHAT A GUN.
  9. tonto

    tonto G&G Newbie


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  10. tonto

    tonto G&G Newbie

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  11. tonto

    tonto G&G Newbie

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  12. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    my, my, what brought on that outburst tonto??? kimosabee forget the bear grease:rolleyes: :p
  13. tonto

    tonto G&G Newbie

    swede I am interested in load data for the 6.5x55

    I just got a good deal on brass and 129 grain hornady bullets at midway, and have some 110 hollow points coming in from an Ebay win too, any help is appreciated
  14. tonto

    tonto G&G Newbie

    sorry the other night i was well not me

    with the lil help of some southpaw light too!.
    But i hate it when my notes are edited, makes me feel like a subject. sorry all
  15. Swede

    Swede G&G Newbie

    As always! verify all load data is safe before you use it! The two loads I have here were not MAX loads according to the manuals I use.
    This load data is for the M-96, I have found the best load is 46-Gr. of H-4350 powder combined with Federal Match grade primers, seated atop this load is a Sierra Match King 120-Gr. HPBT bullet. I have been able to hold a 1-1/2" group with these rounds at 200-yds with an as issued M-96 Swede shooting from sand bags.
    For the M-38 I like 45-grs. of H-4350 with the Federal primers and use a Speer 140-Gr. Spire point (1-1/2" group at 100-yds). Took a deer with this round = "One shot.. One kill".
    Hope this helps!!.........Swede.
  16. Holy yiminey Hilda!

    I bought some Winchester 140 gr. Tuesday for $15.95 (20 rds)and felt like I had lost my virginity with that price!

    Normal doesn't sound normal....nope.

    I'm going to do some on-line research for 6.5, Calvin. If I get some good leads I'll let ya know.
  17. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Thanks, Dale. I'm gonna try Samco here soon. If you find something, I'd appreciate it.
  18. For what it's worth, J&G Sale Limited (on-line) has Sellier and Bellot 131 grain soft points in reloadable brass for $8.95 a box or $8.25 box on orders of 400 rounds or more.

    Not as cheap as reloading but....just FYI.