Home Advisor is a scam

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  1. don5544

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    I figured this out on my home office in Kerrville years ago. My operations manager in Waco just figured it out. He gets 10 to 20 job leads. None and I mean none are good job leads. They refuse to give a credit for any of them.

    They promise when you sign up that any job leads that aren't good they will credit you back. They are now refusing to credit any back as bad now.

    For the consumer they may be good. For a business (air conditioning in my case) they are a complete scam.

    Stay away from these guys.
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  2. Jaison

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    Another brother with gauges! Excellent! That's at least three of us now.
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  3. PaleHawkDown

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    I'll have you know I have plenty of gauges; 12, 16, .410...
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  4. mitchr

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    As a consumer, they did a good job twice, but hate to hear how they treat the contractors.
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  5. rando

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    There are so many free online job sites. I am on three now and have a brief resume and my info posted. I am also listed for mainly HVACR. I also have the engineering and maintenance mechanic also signed up. I get direct posted jobs several times a day. Sometimes as many as 40 jobs per day. You can also connect with other people you know that own a business or management or others looking for work that you know. You as an owner or manager of a business can post your openings on them.
  6. mitchr

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    How do those free job sites make $$?

    The question I had about Home Advisor & Angie's List, the first time, was how they made money. I suspected businesses paid them to recommend them, leaving it open to them recommending the highest bidder, regardless of qualifications.
  7. redcaddy51

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    I'm in the process now of trying to find an insulation contractor, I tried the Home Advisor referral site first. None of the 3 listed outfit's called me back. An online appointment was scheduled, he was a no call, no show. A day later, I got a call, from a call center in India, asking why I had posted negative feedback. (very short conversation, veddy veddy short)

    I want radiant barrier installed in my attic and craft faced batt on the lid. I know it's the hottest part of the summer here, so I'm willing to wait a few months to have the actual work done, I just want a contract now, so I can drag up the funds to pay cash when it's done. Apparently, none of the local boys want the work bad enough to call me.

    Is this any way to run a railroad?

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  8. mitchr

    mitchr G&G Evangelist

    Sounds like insulation contractors are pretty busy. Storm tore up our roof several years ago & I called 3 roofing companies (was back before referral companies came into being) & none of them called me back!

    I was driving thru town one day & noticed a roofing company & decided to stop. Turns out, it was a big outfit, mostly commercial buildings, etc. When I explained my problem, he said he'd do it. Also, without even looking at the insurance adjuster's estimate, said he'd do it for whatever they allowed. I told him I couldn't afford to pay him up front, but he said no problem, he'd do it & wait on the insurance to pay me.:) They came out, in force, & tore old shingles off & new shingles on in one day! (Not a big house) Needless to say, if I ever need a new roof, they'll be the first I call!
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  9. rando

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    I know they have different levels of advertising and its a fee. I have clicked onto areas and asking me if I want to do something more for a fee. I simply just put my contact info and experience and resume. You can even put pay you are requesting. They also have government jobs posted on these. My two brothers found their jobs on there. One is retired and found a great job at the shipping ports escorting contractors without clearance. Another brother found a closer government job and transferred.
  10. animalspooker

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    ....20 & 28! Well played PHD.
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  11. PaleHawkDown

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    The funny thing is that I have never personally owned a 20 or a 28 gauge gun. I have had an 18 gauge and a 10 gauge through my hands that I NEARLY owned, but the first was impossible to get shells for (paper hull, and loads are rare enough to be collectible at around $50 a piece) and the 10 ga. was absolutely punishing.

    The 18 gauge was Belgian with French proofs and I could have had it for $50...and turned it down like an idiot because I didn't want something I couldn't shoot. Turns out the little buggers are so rare that even the "cheap" ones will run you $1000 bucks.

    The 10 gauge was a hand-me-down from a buddy's grandfather. He hated it because of how bad it kicked. After I got to try it out, I did too.
  12. redcaddy51

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    Of all the shotguns I own, the most fun to shoot is My Ithaca Mag 10, I bought an 870 in 10 ga. that one was a bruiser, it didn't stay long, I quickly sold it to a crazed young duck hunter, along with a flat of BB and a flat of bismuth 00 buck, each shy 3 rounds.

    I have used the Ithaca on deer, hogs, sub orbital geese. Although, as I age out I'm less likely to drag that 10 pound beast very far afield. It did however scratch the itch to own one.

    Would somebody please drag this thread a mile or so closer to the op's intent?
  13. Home Advisor is owned by Home Depot.
  14. BigEd63

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    I've had that trouble with roofers and plumbers in my AO can't seem to find ones with a good review to do thebjob.. Well I did find a roofer but need to get other things done.
    Like I need a trash Service to see a dumpster so I can get my the junk out , flea market left overs, my mother never wanted to get rid of. Then new garage door then water line then roof. The major stuff then new windows and attic insulation.
  15. ACfixer

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    Home Advisor, BBB, Angie's List, all scam artists. Angie's list wanted $1,600 a month from me, I told them they could pound sand for free.
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  16. runfiverun

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    umm you guy's do know they make 2-7/8th's and 3 inch 10 ga. shells.
    the 2-7/8" shell was the standard length for them for over 75 years, and many older guns will only take that hull length.