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    Home-built Single Shot .50 BMG Rifle Kit category

    Birdman Weapons Systems refuses to be left out of the .50 BMG Home-built Single Shot .50 BMG Rifle Kit category with the introduction of our latest product, the JADED.50! With the ATF senselessly attacking many high-end .50 BMG kit manufacturers, "you better get JADED before you get RAIDED"! By the way ...We, at BWS, will stand behind our kits just as much as the ATF will stand behind the ones they confiscate!

    There are several manufacturers of .50 BMG rifle kits ...but their numbers are shrinking due to the ATF's current "If it is readily able to be made to fire ONE ROUND ...then it's a FIREARM!" mentality. This has placed the more EXPENSIVE, high class, well designed, complex .50 BMG kit builders in legal jeopardy as their unfinished kits have all been somehow determined to be firearms! The ATF has even resorted to raiding and arresting highly well known and respected members of the firearms community for manufacturing kits that they have been openly selling for many years with no problems.

    How does BWS fit in?

    Birdman Weapons Systems figures that if ANYTHING (according to the ATF) can be "considered a firearm" ...then why spend THOUSANDS of dollars on some high end, ultra-machined, complex machining process .50 BMG kit when you can buy our low-budget kit for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!

    We'll show you how to set up and complete your JADED.50 kit in less than 80 minutes and all for the low price of $28.00!! Order now and get a FREE SHARPIE PEN with your JADED.50 Purchase. When the ATF come to "kick in your door" ...just slap on that serial number and you have your own, personalized, serial numbered firearm.

    If they are going to eventually take them away anyway ...why let them steal a $3000 rifle? Save your money! ...just let'em take away your JADED!

    So what's this JADED.50 Kit all about?

    Recently a well known and highly respected member of our .50 BMG community, (Bob Stewart - Maadi Griffin Company) was raided and arrested by the ATF for manufacturing .50 BMG rifle kits. These complex, high-end rifle kits require the purchaser to carefully machine a hardened receiver, perform head spacing checks, and several other safety procedures before they are ever able to properly fire a single shot. Many consider these rifle kits relevant additions to the .50 BMG world and a great asset to the entire shooting industry. They are also a creative and artistic derivative of out Second Amendment rights. Unfortunately, the ATF felt otherwise as the confiscated all of Maadi's kits, records, computers and even took the names and addresses of all of Maadi's past and present customers. The reason for the raid was based on the "ease of conversion". The ATF feels that "any weapon that can readily be made to fire one round within 8 hours is considered a firearm". Now ...they have a "Target List". Scary stuff, eh?

    Birdman Weapons Systems saw this as a new niche for our company to fully explore. We figured "ANYTHING can be made to fire a round in 8 hours! ...Lets make some kits!". And thus was born the Jaded.50 .50 BMG rifle Kit. Inexpensive, basic, easy to assemble ...and above all, when the ATF kicks in your doors to take away your weapons ...you'll only be out 28 bucks!

    Email BWS for more details and ordering information!

    Weight: 8 LBS.
    Size: 5"W x 56"L x 14"H"
    Models: Single Shot Only
    Availability: Right now! (through Oct. 2000)
    Accessories:: 1X Scope, Quick Detach Bipod, Sharpie Pen
    Colors: Unfinished wood and metal
    Calibers: .50 BMG
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