Home made high energy bars

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by feralchild, May 28, 2008.

  1. feralchild

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    1 C barley, soaked 3 days
    2 C soft wheat, sprouted 1 day
    3/4 C dates
    3 T raw honey
    1 t cinnamon
    1 t vanilla
    1 C walnuts, soaked, chopped
    1/2 C almonds, soaked, chopped

    Process barley, wheat, dates, in a champion juicer using the solid plate. Add honey, cinnamon, vanilla, walnuts, almonds and mix well. Form into bars and place on a teflex sheet in the dehydrator for 6-8 hours, depending on the desired moisture and size. Be sure to remove the teflex sheet and turn bars over half way through.
  2. toolman

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    That sounds tastier than the ahem "chemically enhanced" version we use to eat! :D

  3. EHCRain10

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    looks similar to some that i made for high school track, mine werent as tasty as your look, will have to try for my next bike ride
  4. TACAV

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    Do they stick together well?

    My friend tried making some of those home made protein bars but he could never get them to stick together.
  5. feralchild

    feralchild Guest

    Yes, just don't over dry them.
  6. JMcDonald

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    I never thought of making your own...

    1) Do you have any other recipes (perhaps ones that don't require a dehydrator)?

    2) About how many calories would we be looking at for one of these (and how big are they?)?
  7. feralchild

    feralchild Guest

    1) Slow baking in an oven at about 250 will accomplish the same as a dryer if you leave the oven door open for the steam to escape quickly

    2) I don't know about the calorie content. They are any size that you want
  8. damage855

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    Thanks feralchild sounds like a good recipe there.
  9. KingMusa45

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    what about using a convection oven to dry them do i use the same 250 open door?
  10. SwedeSteve

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    If you do them in an oven, use a Silpat sheet.
  11. Punisher

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    That's a good idea to make your own. That recipe could come in handy.
  12. Amarksman

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    sounds like a great recipe! FYI I was watching good eats on the Food network a while back and Alton brown did the episode on this. The link is to the protein bar recipe, but there is a recipe link towards the bottom of the page for granola bars as well. When I watched on tv verything looked great!

    Recipes : Protein Bars : Food Network
  13. That should work good with a cool one.