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Home security in movie "Panic Room"

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Oxford, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Just returned from the 3-star rated movie "Panic Room" featuring Jodie Foster. There's a message in that movie for all homeowners regarding home security.

    Even with their unpenetratable "safe room" it came down to having an effective pistol available to defend the family and home. Won't give away the movie plot but I'd agree with the rating. Looked like some kind of a 32 calibre pistol w/silencer was used eventually to subdue the burgulars.

    This is just another reason to have a dependable weapon available in your home. Who knows when/if you'll need it.

    Oxford :assult:
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  2. Yesterday the local news did a story on local people whom have panic rooms in thier homes. The news camera showed one panic room and and focused in on a gun rack with a Min 14, and some type of bolt action rifle, and a semi auto pistol. The new reported the stated the the home owner had a "cache of weapons", two rifles and a pistol a "cache" eh? What do you supose the would call what they would find in my home, "AN ARSENAL OF MILITARY TYPE WEPONS". I just don't trust the media or liberal hollywood anytime it has to do with guns......

  3. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    I saw the Panic room Thursday,very good movie!
    The first thing my wife said when she saw the room was"Where are the guns,how about food and water?"
    It was truely a good movie and Jodie Foster is a great actor,but you could see the liberal anti-gun folks had a big hand in it,as usual!:nod:
  4. Hans R Colt

    Hans R Colt G&G Newbie

    If the person inside doesn't have access to a personal defense weapon, even pepper spray, or a sword, that panic room is just a real expensive coffin.

    Remember, always take the offensive! Overwhelm them with your fighting spirit !!
  5. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    I always love how even in the anti-gun movies the bad guy usaly is only stopped when shot by the good guy/girl.....your right if 3 guns is a cache then I would be the ARSENAL for the neighboorhood. I hope the media never shows up at my door
  6. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    I am about to buy my 10th firearm from the local gun dealer and he has not even been open a year yet.
  7. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    Keep up the good work Klaus,buy more guns,if you know how many you have,you don't have enough!:nod: :assult:
  8. Which Panic Room?

    Well boys, I don't know what is meant by the term panic room. I don't get out much, but any room in my house is a panic room for an intruder. I'm not only well armed, but my wife and I are well covered against attack by two of the finest GSDs ever to breath air. They might get us, but some will admitted to hell.
  9. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    I saw an interview with jodie talking about this very thing and she said in reality she would let them in and let them take what they wanted --- just goes to show the real adgenda of the hollywood liberals

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    So would I

    I mean if they can get into my gated community, elude the security forces that patrol the roads, get through the gate and bypass my security system on the house; I'd be too unprepared to deal an organized crime unit of this magnitude! When was the last time someone rich and famous was shot/murdered by criminals breaking into their home?

    Why star in a movie portraying the correct use of deadly force and then say guns are bad get rid of them.

  11. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Guess I've been around longer than some of you. Charles Manson's gang of sicko's broke into the hollywood home of Sharon Tate and killed several hollywood types a few years ago.

    Anyone without proper skills in personal defense, whether it be in the use of guns, other weapons, or physical resistance would usually be better off doing as Jodie Foster indicated.

    This is not to say that under all circumstances do not resist. Certainly if there is no other recourse I believe a crime victim must do whatever can be done to defend himself.

    However, if the crime victim is properly trained, the person breaking in, in my opinion, is subject to whatever defensive means you have at your disposal.

    By taking this stand I do not consider myself a liberal. Anyone who really knows me would never put that label on me.

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  12. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    Personally if anyone were to try and invade my home while I was there, they will be introduced to a wall of protectiles. I usually answer the door after dark with my 45 in the back pocket unless I am expecting someone to come by

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Try this one

    I hold my .357 in my right hand use my left hand to turn the handle and keep my gun hidden behind the door. I also use the door to cover about a third of my body this keeps you in position to shut the door quickly. I do this rarely bc I have few visitors.
  14. Hank

    Well, as I said, I rely on the skill and expertise of a team of well trained protection dogs and my 1911. I have been tested, as have these dogs. I have no doubts about my willingness to use my weapon and these dogs don't doubt anything. My wife make a fine backup with a .357.

    No one knows the outcome of a social confrontation until the brass falls and the smoke clears.

    It's not a bad idea to pray that you never face such a situation.
  15. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    I have to agree with what people are saying every room should be a safe room. Like others I have the alarm system...motion lights..burglar bars, security film/tinting on all windows, dead bolts, a Camra system (2 camras) I installed my self from Lowes, guns readaly accessable and 3 dogs in the home...Rotie, lab and my infamaus Bassetthound. Im not sure if the dogs would attack...they bark pretty good...but I know if someone shows up with food they are in big trouble :) I belive in a layered security system...more from a liability ast the no tresspassing signs..doors...dogs...then shoot. I dont know about you all...but between my wife and 3 daughters one of them is alwasy in a bad mood so Id just let them deal with someone who broke in...:) Whats that bumper sitcker say..I got PMS and a GUN....that si so true of my house.
  16. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    If the security,dog,and guns fail,my Mom lives with me,doubt they can deal with THAT.
  17. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    IMHO attitude is most important,be prepared to do what must be done,have that in your mind,already be done with the what ifs.
    When my 12 year old daughter was at home alone the masked intruder broke in about 3:00pm.The miniature dashund we had made one peep and got behind the couch,my daughter went and got the .38 special that was,at the time,legally available to her and took care of business.No one was injured,and the cops came and filled out the report,made their stupid remarks that displayed their ignorance and left.My wife now believed what I had been preaching and other than the daughters recurrent bad dreams which finally went away,the story had a happy ending with secyrity being increased and a family that was prepared to take care of business as neccessary.

    :nod: :nod: :nod:
  18. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Rave: That's quite a brave daughter you have. Glad that she was successful in taking care of the intruder.

    My question is: Did she confront the masked intruder? Did she keep him there till LE arrived?

    Regardless, she deserves recognition for her bravery and you deserve credit and praise for having taught her how to handle herself.

  19. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    I can't remember where I read the article yesterday but I doubt you will see it on the normal media. A woman and her boyfriend were around their house and her ex came over and killed the boyfriend and left. She called the police and while on the phone with dispatch the ex came back and killed her the shots were heard by the dispatcher. -- now lets see if she had a gun present she might still be alive along withher boyfriend
  20. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    It happened in Johnstown,Colo. Shaun. About ten miles from me.