Honor Guard.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by oneastrix, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. oneastrix

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    Wow, I was selected today to serve on the departments Honor Guard, which is an Honor for me (no pun intended). Got selected out of many officers so that meant something. I guess I'd better practice standing real still for long periods of time. Better work on shing boots also!

    Now I have the excuse to buy a wheel gun! We have to carry on for the uniform! My dept doesn't issue guns, but I don't mind. Can probably pick up a used Smith for a god price. Needs to be stainless. Any suggetstions. I was thinking about a 686 with out adjustable rear sights. Was that the 681 or 629? What about a GP100?
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    Congradulations 1*!!!!!

  3. Jesse

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    Good going!


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Congratulations bud!
  5. jerry

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    It's a good experience. I hope you get more color guard details than funerals. Do you guys do weddings?

    To keep with tradition on the revolver you might want to consider the S&W Model 64 Military & Police revolver The 64 was introduced in 1981 and is the SST version of the Model 10 Military and Police. (The NCOIC carried the Model 10 downtown at parades for resource protection) M1's were our drill guns.

    Time to look into that Leather Luster?
  6. oneastrix

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    Roger that Jerry. Model 10 is a good idea. We don't use long guns except at funerals (AR15). Leather Luster, I'll pick some up ASAP!
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    Everyone needs at least one good revolver. A buddies got a six inch nickled Smith .38 that I'm trying to con . .er . . talk him out of - belonged to a local Sheriff who passed away awhile back. I've shot it, and it's nice! Til then, my old Ruger Security Six does the job well. :target:
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    you seem to be very excited with this development :) Good Luck!

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    1*, congratulations! My best friend is an officer and in the honor guard. It is a great source of pride and he draws a lot from that. Hats off to you!
  10. Congrats, 1*

    A lot of people don't understand.....truly understand...... what it means to someone to be selected as a member of an honor guard.

    Not only, for publicity reasons, do they tend to select the sharpest looking, most professional and cooperative people they can select it also means that that person has the opportunity to display the ultimate in honor to the fallen heroes.

    I was never selected for honor guard duty but I have always stood in awe at ceremonies seeing their precision and appearances.

    Yeah, honor guards are used elsewhere but it's in rememberence of those police, firermen and soldiers who gave the ultimate.

    I know you'll make your department proud, 1* but equally important you make ALL of us proud.
  11. oneastrix

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    Once I get all outfitted in the dress uniform I'll submit a pic so ya can see what we look like down here in SA.
  12. Congrats

    Congrats 1*!

    Hey,how about goin the Tackleberry route and putting a 10 in barreled, Magnum Research BFR in that holster? Nothing like toting a cannon on your belt!!!!:cheer: