Horsehide Vs Cowhide/Bianchi Vs Galco Vs Kramer

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Logansdad, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. Logansdad

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    I have a Bianchi 111 Cyclone for my 4 inch barrel Smith 686+, A Galco FED paddle for my Glock 17, A Kramer horsehide pocket holster for my PPK/S. What do y'all like ?
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    I tend to like holsters that provide excellent protection for field use: A Bianchi mounted on a bandolier for my S&W Model 10 that places it butt-forward under the left armpit, a repro military clamshell holster for my Luger, a Russian surplus Makarov full-flap for my PPK/S, at present using a WW-II surplus tanker holster for my Colt 1902 that carries the weapon in the same manner as the Bianchi/bandolier combination. But....

    I'm looking for something correct for the 1902 & don't know what it would be (but do know that it wouldn't be a WW-II holster made well over 20 years after production of the 1902 had ceased), and...

    What's the scoop on your pocket holster for your PPK/S, and is there a website where I could take a look at one? I'm not familiar with the manufacturer you mention.

    I generally go for field-carry holsters, since my typical opponent is a tin can in the desert. But given that the PPK/S was designed for concealed carry I'm sorta interested in a pocket holster for it; a shoulder holster would be a bit cumbersome by my tastes.

  3. Logansdad

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    I found mine at Dillon Kramer.
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    He's talking about Kramer Handgun Leather which is owned by Greg Kramer. For the last 15 years, Kramer Handgun Leather has been making custom horsehide leather holsters which are excellent. His stuff is somewhat expensive, but very good. I own some of his rigs, and they are awesome. He has a website at Hope that helps some.

    Gunner's Alley
  5. Troy

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    I got a Bianchi holster with my CZ 75. It has CZ 75 embossed right in the leather. I dont have a lot of experience with the other holsters mentioned, but the bianchi is nice, holds the CZ nice and firm.
  6. Logansdad

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    I really like the Bianchi Accumold holsters...I like the Cyclone alot fact it's what I have in mind for my Colt Gold Cup Trophy :right: :target:
  7. Troy

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    Like I said, i got the Bianchi with my CZ, so i don't know what they are worth. What would one like mine for my CZ typically be worth?
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  9. Troy

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    Thanks LD.
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    you're welcome Troy

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    new here

    Hi y'all, I new here and stumbled onto this site while looking for info on a holster. Idont remember where on here that I saw it, but there was someone on here looking on info for making a holster. If anyone saw this post, please let him or me know. Tandy leather craft has many plans and kits to make any holster you would want. The web site is I have some experience in leather crafting if anyone would like any info on leather tooling.
  12. Rugged

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    I use a little bit of nylon here and there for the plinker pistols, and i have 1 stock black pancake for a usp fullsize, but since I live across the street and have known the family since birth, I usually have custom fit holsters done by shoemaker and son.

    If ya'll aren't familliar with tex shoemaker All I can say is that you should be.