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Discussion in '1903' started by LOCKnLOAD, May 3, 2002.


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    From I have been reading, this 8mm Turk surplus is really HOT..! Is is made for machine guns, or is it the correct load for the 1903/38 that I want to shoot it with?

    It is headstanped 1939, 40, and 41. I shot some already and it does indeed kick, kicks more in my M48A.

    Any info will be apreciated as to the best surplus 8mm to shoot and where to get it.

  2. Doglips

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    I r new to this Turk mauser stuff...I got a $40 Turk..realy dont know the modle...and the ammo you described..It shot fine...but I like I liked it. I found no sign of buldgeing or other over pressure indacators.

  3. Big Dog

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    My Turk '03 shoots well with Turk ammo. My Yugo M48A prefers the Yugo ammo. They generally do best with their own national ammo. Sellior&Belot ammo is good, too, and reloadable.

    LOCKnLOAD Guest

    Thanks guys...

    Where is a good place to get the Yugo ammo and make my M48a happy???

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  5. toolman

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    not sure on yugo ammo source,might want to check in shotgun news.inter-ordnance has a hell of a deal on their stuff,though. 39.95 for 760 rds. built in romania on german machinery.have seen it and it looks good,unlike some of the turk stuff floating around.
  6. Stewart

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    You could check Empire Arms, I got 300 rounds of Yugo from there a little ways back, think it was about $35.00. Don't know if the price is still the same, the Yugo runs a little more than the Turk. My M48A likes the Turk and Yugo. WGA may still have the 750 rds Turk for $35.00, the stuff I got fires great.