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Hot Shots Calendar Girls Under Fire From National Guard

Discussion in 'Off The Reservation' started by Chris, Oct 20, 2014.


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    I would think some of the women might take offense at being referred to as whores . You have your opinion but if they choose to dress provocatively to raise money for loved ones who are wounded, or just respected wounded warriors, there is nothing seen on the calendars that is not shown on most tv today. I doubt that the women had any disrespect or mistreatment as a result of the making of the calendar. There is certainly nothing illegal about it. If it offends you , there are about a gazillion other pages to scroll on. It must not be too offensive, did you notice the originator of the thread?
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  2. Wow ! Was so many thoughts after reading this old post. Guess the best one that sticks is **** Off bobski

  3. I enjoyed the video, guns, attractive members of the opposite sex. Sort of the same if the my wife looks at a fireman or UPS calendar I guess. Looked like people having fun with their sexuality for a good cause? Wasn't my daughter. I'm good. lol
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