House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices

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    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved legislation on Tuesday allowing the Justice Department to sue OPEC members for limiting oil supplies and working together to set crude prices, but the White House threatened to veto the measure.

    House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices | Reuters
  2. hold up...

    the government actually trying to do something... FOR US?

  3. TXplt

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    Oh, THIS'LL work

    Words on paper don't put fuel in tanks.

    Neither do lawyer tricks. Another lawsuit ?! OK...........I'm sure OPEC's trembling in their britches. Maybe the bill even has a provision for everyone to write off the legal fees ? I'm sure OPEC would gladly abide by any "judgment" in the lawsuit :(

    Why don't they pass some bills to open ANWR, offshore drilling, and build 20 new high temperature gas cooled breeder reactors. How about a few coal plants too maybe.

    Oh, that's right--that's WORK, That will WORK and might actually do something.
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  4. Mad Hatter

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    Total BS.. It will never happen
  5. OPEC will simply laugh at these politicians... they know they have us over a barrel.

    God forbid any of that off-shore drilling or wind farms be within eyesight of the tip-tier politicians' houses. Kennedy sure threw a fit when it was proposed to be built off of Cape Cod...

    We'll have further pandering by Carter about how dangerous a nuclear reactor could be... especially given technology is so much better and safer than it was during the Three Mile Island incident that Carter bases all nuclear power stations after...

    ... more and more about how we should be lessening our addiction to big oil, yet nothing that will assist in solving the problem is allowed. I wonder how these same people feel about using the tides for power... ? Are they against it because it might kill a fish?
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  6. TXplt

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    I've finally broken the code !

    Now I know why politics, warshington, and hollywood are so close--from photo ops to fundrasers.

    Warshington's been using movie scripts to develop national policy ! THAT'S where we've been getting our ideas from lately--from suing OPEC, to combating terrorism, to ballistic fingerprinting/microstamping (kinda CSI ish, don't ya think), to energy policy, to fiscal policy, to the feel good national health care system for everyone (there's plenty of smiles as the money flows in for little Timmy out of thin air).

    NOW I get it. Wonder how it turns out ?
  7. dhermesc

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    Even if it did work - the government gets the money. How does that put gas in my tank?
  8. stay tuned... we'll probably see it in a re-run.
  9. Nixon . . .

    . . . . had the right idea as he wanted the U.S. Government to be the only purchaser for imported oil and other petro products thus setting the U.S. Government as the sole buyer therefore the sole setter of the purchase price from OPEC. The government would resell to American refiners with a proviso to set profits thus keeping consumer prices low and encouraging domestic drilling.

    However, this was sunk by the Democrat Senate and House and never saw the light of day. Few people know about this in our current year.
  10. mym1a

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    remember guys its an election year, gives the illusion that the politicians are doing something while doing nothing!!!!
  11. Pred

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    HA... this is funny...
  12. Isn't that the status quo even when it is not an election year?
  13. Pred

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    I don't know why we just don't open the borders with Mexico, spend money to build refineries down south, and all the mexicans will stay down there because their economy will more then likely do better then ours. At least that way we get something out of an already open border... $1.00 per gallon.
  14. neophyte

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    Grow Grass

    Now this old country boy is confused again. :34:
    These other countries "Own" the oil. It is theirs to do as they wish, It is theirs to shape the 'rich assed' owners of the product.

    We on the other hand offer them protection from the imbeciles located around the world whom might just decide to take over.

    Now the Saudies have a plan in place and what can actually be done?:34:

    Now I gonna "sue" you for YOUR "Possessions" and

    Now a country boy thinks that something aint quite right:34:

    The World revolves around Saudies, the world protects them, and they can't even grow grass.:34:
  15. tlarkin

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    Any of you guys remember when the EU sued Microsoft for Anti-trust laws, TWICE! The second time was because they NEVER PAID! Yeah, like this will do anything at all.
  16. Coeloptera

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    Yeah...if we dared enforce any judgment, I might care,

    Like the government will say "boo" to the House of Saud. This is sick and depressing.

    - Coeloptera
  17. TexasT

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    We still pay significantly less than a lot of other people pay for gas...
  18. felix cortinas

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    OPEC suit

    Yall dont really believe that Bush, Cheney and their families and cronies are serious, it is just a bone to throw. these guys are getting filthy rich off of oil prices.
  19. Windwalker

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    We don't need lawsuits against OPEC which we could not enforce even if we won. We need to immediately begin drilling all off shore locations within U.S. jurisdiction (7 mile limit), prevent all other Nations from doing any new drilling in our jurisdiction, drill Alaska, Montana, and any other place in our Nation as necessary, place an embargo on exporting any oil produced in the United States, start CONCURRENT CONSTRUCTION on a minimum of 12 nuclear power plants within the next 60 days to be completed and put on line asap., give tax breaks and other incentives to companies developing alternative energy sources as solar power, wind power, hydrogen power, water power,ect. U.S.oil purchased at current prices less a 20% rebate for savings on shipping costs would keep our Nation in oil while our alternative energy sources are being developed and brought on line. BUT,the time to do this is NOW. Our Government must put these programs in operation as soon as possible. We have no time to waste.
  20. TXplt

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