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    My five year old autistic son was a bad boy today. He put a dining room chair next to the refrigerator, put his little kids' coffee table chair on top of it, and climbed to the top of the refrigerator. He fished a Sharpie Marker our of the cup of pens and pencils we keep up there, climbed down, and marked up the front and side of the refrigerator. It fell to me to try and get the black marker off the white crackle-enamel finish on the fridge.

    Dishwashing detergent? No soap. Windex just shined me on. Brillo pads only scrubbed the surface, fading but not removing the marker. Mineral spirits got off most of the marker he'd put on last, but not the scribbles he'd done first.

    Then I thought of Hoppe's No. 9. I figured if it would clean powder residue and lead vapor out of a barrel that were deposited by hot gases, it would be able to handle Sharpie Marker with no problem. I put some on a paper towel, and it took the marker right off with only a little rubbing. I washed the refrigerator down with soap and water, and I had a clean fridge again.

    So for those stubborn marks on your stove, fridge and walls that other cleaners just won't touch, use Hoppe's No. 9! Available at better gun shops everywhere!
  2. Hoppe's No. 9:
    The miracle cleaner of the Century!:burnout:

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    Cyrano: Sir; good "tips" are a product of:09::) crap happening. Good tip
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    hmm so there is a use for that aside from cleaning guns and bein a bad cologne
  5. Or you can us dry erase board marker cleaner, it works great on permanent markers. Can also windex/ glass cleaner,something with ammonia in it or ammonia cut about 50/50 with water will work. Then wash with soap and water after words if you use ammonia at all...Those have always worked well for me, especially the dry erase board marker spray.

    But, I'll have to try the Hoppes #9 next time and see for myself. lol
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  6. Next time try rubbing alcohol.

  7. What can be done to unstick Duc(k) tape when it is stuck to itself?
  8. I just removed ink from my son's clothes dryer with straight ACEATONE it did not harm the finish of the dryer.
    The vapors were strong. so I had a fan blowing fresh air in the washroom.
    I bought the Aceatone at Wal Mart.
    It removes anything !!!!
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    Acetone fumes are bad juju! Can make for a large KABOOM! But the Hoppes will make the house smell soooo nice.....
  10. When I first read this, I thought you said you removed ink from your son's clothes with acetone, and it didn't hurt the clothes dryer. I about had a heart attack, wondering how high that could've blown you.

    Guess I better read a little slower next time.:)
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    Now I'm just imagining late night infomercials advertising Hoppe's as an all-purpose cleaner...
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    The new Hoppes spokesman? <shudder>

  13. I've got a better idea. How about our billy - from this forum??