How are you? Status Updates/Check-in for March/April Coronavirus Panic

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    New York
    I posted a couple of days ago that Her Imperial Majesty and I have had to decide that we can't take the risk of opening at Mongers Market this weekend. Ned Lamont, the worthless governor of the State of Connecticut, may think it's safe to reopen the flea markets provided you put up sneeze guards at checkout (which for most flea marketeers is an impossibility; it's not like the checkout at the supermarket, for pity's sake!), but we don't like the odds. That's why I spent today packing up our stock and bringing it home, and will be going back tomorrow to get the rest, or at least as much as I can manage to load. When you have been bringing in new stock for months above what you originally brought in and above what you've sold, you wind up with a blivet. When I had loaded about a third of our stock, The Big Red Car took an angle I remember from driving to and from the Elephant's Trunk: the angle that says, "If you put one more thing in her, you're going to scrape the road."

    I walked around Mongers. John is moving his architectural salvage around to mask the spaces of vendors who like us have decided the return is not worth the health risk, but based on what I saw somewhere between a quarter and a third of the vendors are pulling out until a coronavirus vaccine is available.

    The word on the Elephant's Trunk website is that the flea market won't reopen until they can figure out how to do so safely. Distancing rules are difficult to maintain at a flea market. I've thought how I'd do it if I were running the place. First, only rent every other spot, and checkerboard them. Use only Areas A and B. Require all vendors to reserve in advance, though they don't have to pay until they get to the gate. Everyone has to wear a mask, no exceptions. Make a serious attempt to enforce distancing on the streets, and encourage the vendors to sit back from the table, wear gloves, and make cards the preferred means of payment.

    Possible, in theory. Practical? You tell me. It would cut the number of vendors down to maybe 250 max. That would be wonderful for April 15th, but for the start of the serious flea market season it's a disaster. Last year on Memorial Day Weekend, the Trunk had upwards of 400 vendors. The whole summer, unless it was a rainy day, there were more than 350 every Sunday. That was the way it was through Labor Day. Can the Trunk make it with half the number of vendors during the busiest part of the season? I should think so, if the owner owns it outright. If he has a mortgage, perhaps not.

    But for us, until the vaccine is available, Mongers Market and the Elephant's Trunk are venues we don't choose to risk.
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    Sort of doing ok but with a run of gloomy weather starting to feel a bit down. I know I shouldn't since I am out on the road every day but.... I am finding that my sense of humor is beginning to get a bit sharp edged.
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  3. Yeah, the grey and wet is sort of getting to me too. I've got things to do like replacing the upper drive belt on the mower and instead I'm watching the yard turn into a hayfield :(
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    Everything is opening up this Friday... Still some restrictions in place for people arriving from out of state and certain industries. Other than boredom leading me to do some pro bono work for a former client drafting work and disinfection plans for critical infrastructure projects, I really haven't had much change in my routine. Not having the need to travel into town often, the effects of the virus have pretty much gone unnoticed by me for the most part. Fortunately, our statewide numbers are miniscule compared to other parts of the country.
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    Any new insights about this virus from your industry cohorts, ma’am?

    Recalling the excellent insights you graciously provided several weeks ago, just curious what the more level-headed folks are seeing.
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    Hey, I'm a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD. I've been doing the social distance thing for decades. We haven't had the weekly fly tying classes at the house. Just a little too much risk for me. I'm old, diabetic and have COPD. We do get out and fish a bit. That will pick up once the rivers drop from the spring run off. A range trip is on the calendar in ink for this weekend. We normally go to the club range on weekdays, but since the Corona arrived, we've been homeschooling our grandson very weekday from 7:00 Am to 4:30 PM. I have discovered that my wife is a very creative teacher of 8 year olds.
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    My boy has been on mobile learning. Our school has ben using another schools mobile learning sight to finish the school year. Apparently the other schools mobile learning sight does not send the homework to our teachers. :confused:we thought it did.(Supposedly the info was laid out on our school web sight which we were not told to reference.)
    Got contacted from the principal yesterday, saying he is going to fail because he has not done any of his work.. :eek:That none of his assignments were turned in. o_OLooked at his mobile learning sight. He did most all the work and it is there.
    Voice mailed the principle and he just got back with me.

    Apparently me boy needs to cut and paste, or link each assignment into a separate email. According to each teachers preference.Title it with the assignment name and number and send it to each teacher that gave it.
    He will be up most of the night with the 50 or so assignments that he completed.
    Wish they would have given us directions earlier on instead of just the other schools web sight address.:rolleyes:
    He will be up most of the night now sending emails so he can pass grade.
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    Typical. At least he is getting it taken care of.
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    That really sucks. Poor kid probably feels like he's being punished for doing his work.

    The teachers in the village elementary school collect the students homework every Friday. One problem I had with a teacher was that she thought it was okay to get a few math problems wrong, or miss something on English assignments, as long as the student was trying. I told her that I would not teach my Grandson to accept failure, and to always do his best. He now gets excellent on all his assignments and just handed in his first story written in cursive. It was interesting, and legible. His classmates are still printing. He's also learning multiplication tables and old math.

    On Mondays, our school also sends home breakfasts and lunches for all students for the week, no matter what age. The meals cover weekends as well and will continue through the summer. With so many parents out of work due to Covid-19 restrictions and closures, those meals make a real difference for so many kids.
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    I've got that going on here with my lawn. Not enough dry sunny days for it to dry out. And when that does happen my cabin fever kicks into overdrive and I end up at the shooting range up in Missouri.
    I did manage to trim a few trees with a cordless pole saw I bought. But that's it for now. Sun just came out now, may not be out long but I hope it does.
    Some taller clumps of grass are going to seed.

    BTW- Anyone know of any reasonably priced cordless electric weed eater worth a toot?
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    Hi everyone checking in. As my state slowly opens up some of the people are going back to work. Bad news a small business I worked at a few years ago finally had to close . The owner said he couldn't afford to meet the demand's of new requirements the state has set. They were takeing down his sign yesterday. That was sad to see.
    As the ones that could work from come back to work at my place of employment .
    New rules we are not allowed to use the vending machine . Only one person allowed to person at a time in the break room same for the restroom .
    Our hours are still cut till further notice .
    We all know that you can't get mountain house buckets anywhere . Most places are sold out.
    My local Walmart carries some individual meal packets. So I have been buying 1-2 of them or 1-2 Omeals ready made meals .I bring them home throw into a bucket or box . I will just make meal packs with them. It's a little pricy . It dose not hurt a little at a time.
    Ammo in certain places is hard to get still.
    Everyone is wearing mask.

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    We need a May-June thread.....
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    Just edit the thread title?
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    I am for it, but it is beyond my power.
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    I don't see that anywhere . I am on my phone but I checked the desktop and mobile versions.
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    Probahly a moderator only thing.
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    Guess it depends on how much work you are doing with it. I have a RYOBI 18 volt cordless. I got at Home Depot about a year ago. Cost like $60 bucks. It works pretty good. Refill cartridges can be wound with string and reused, plus they are not that expensive to start with. Also, the battery for my Ryobi portable power source works with it.
    But you only have 1 battery, about 300 ft of weed eating before your battery dies then it takes about 30 minuets to charge back up to full.
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    Usually it is at the lower right hand corner under the thread title. Maybe only noticeable on your laptop?
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