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Put myself and wife on a waiting list a week or so ago, still waiting for an appointment to get the shot.
Think I have caught it a second time, same symptoms as last time, just not as bad.
Fever of 102.But took some day quill and fevers is less and I was able to get to work tonight.
Just kinda realized what it might be when I lost my appetite and other symptoms, hit me about 2 hrs ago.Just trying to make it till 5 am and get home to bed. Can not afford not to stay and work, this time. Used up my families first last time when Myself and the whole family got it.
Not too worried as to exposing anyone. If I have it it, is to late for the family, they have it. The 2 people I will be in contact with, tonight, have already been vaccinated.
You'd think , being an overweight 55 year old diabetic, with respiratory issues, and rheumatoid arthritis. I would have been able to get the shot before the two healthy, under 30 fellows, that I work with. But apparently I do not live in the right zip code???
One of them is going to clean the lab after I leave just so no one else will get it. Just in case that is what I have.
I do not think I will get tested as I cannot afford a week, or more off with no pay. I can keep it down low next week (It is only a 3 day week for me and all of my work will be in the lab). Just have the company restrict who is allowed in the lab. We had a manager get sick and just stayed in his office with the door open, everybody just had to talk to him from the hall. And no one could touch his physical paper work till the next day.
Hopefully its just a normal bug and I will wake up fin tomorrow.
We are already down 1 fellow in the lab, so If I do not show they would literally have to shut down half of production, for a shift.
Wish I could work from home, but need to be here to run spectrometers, melting pots, and the milling machine.
Sorry to hear of a second time with that virus. Our family had it early, one passed but every one else came through fine. We also had the issue here where people at risk could not get the shot and younger folks did. That sucks. We know how it shuts down the entire family. We also know that the more they vax the fewer get it so hopefully this will pass quick for you and will be your last time. Of family and friends totalling maybe 30 people (I quit counting) , with all the vaxing going on here in Oklahoma, we do not know one person who has gotten it since late January. We were having 50-89 people dying per day in this state about the first of the year after the Christmas travel season. Today is is very few, under 20 most days, so it is nearing control, We are getting a few increases probably due to spring break but by the end of April the numbers should be very low and lots more people will be vaccinated. Hope your area does the same. Best of luck getting through it.

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Think I am past the worse, starting to feel better and fever went away, wife and kid had fever yesterday but very slight today.Got kid tested Saturday if he is positive then we will keep him out of school . Called him off today and tomorrow.
Should have tests back tomorrow afternoon. We all have the same symptoms so if he has it we do. So if he does we are all under self quarantine anyway. Have worked out a system at work to Isolate me for my 3 days next week, just the day shift guy will have to do some of the running stuff I usually do. And I will have to do some of his in lab work in exchange.
Some of my paper work will have to be isolated for 24 hrs before they can touch it.I do not go back till Wednesday night so I should be feeling good enough to work.
The fellow that works after me, is Vaccinated fully, so I can have some carful contact with him. Figure why load down the system with more tests when wife and I are almost better. I am already 6 days since first symptoms.Wifecand kid are 4 days in.
Just being carful not to spread it.

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Boy was positive but we are now past the symptoms and into the safety quarantine stage. Think either this strain was not as bad, or we just had good impunity from the first time. So kid stays home rest of the week, I am getting them to set up the lab so I can work sperate from everyone since I am only on 3 days this week.
A little tired but pretty much we are all fully recovered. Was about half as bad, half as long, as the last time.
Still on the waiting list for the shot, wondering if I even needed it now that I have had the china crud twice.

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Hi everyone. Sorry to here about you and your family getting Covid . Moroco I hope you and your family are doing better. Let us know how the vaccine effects you . I know several people that has gotten it and I have heard some get severely ill after words. Then some say that it didn’t bother them a bit.
As for me I’m not getting it not till they force me . I just don’t trust anything that the government is trying to push so hard. Plus it’s funny how they are over reacting about Covid still . It has a 99% survival rate . So I’m not taking the vaccine plus why take it if you still can catch Covid again.
I and my family are doing fine all are well . I have been back to work now for 3 months. So I have been busy. I have been doing as much preps as I can . That’s what 90% of my tax refund and stimulus money went for.
The major preps I have been working on are home security system . I have also added some outdoor cameras. One of my other preps have been back up communication system. It’s a GMRS set up but it lets (us / family & friends) communicate with in 2 miles from my home. That’s with hand held units my next project on the back up communication will be the GMRS base station and setting up the vehicle with a mobile unit. Maybe at some point set up a couple of our UTVs with mobile units.
This weekend I’m going to try canning some brat’s. If I have room I’m even going to can some bacon . I have still not found any ammunition for any of the calibers that I have. In my area the gun shops won’t sell you any ammo unless you buy a gun.
There is a gun shop I’m checking this weekend to see if they have anything in my calibers I can’t find any powder or bullets in the one caliber I reload .
I also have completed a survival kit that I was building . I kinda of based it of a military pilots survival vest. Except a vest I used a MOLLE chest rig . There are some things that I want to add but there little things and light weight . It’s also configured so that what ever long gun I have that all I have to do is change pouches.
So I have been busy that’s for sure . Tons of projects no time to complete all and not enough $$$ . I’m just knocking 1 thing out at a time. I hope you all are doing good

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Our "Illustrious gub'nor" of Maine has rescinded the mask mandate for outdoor activities - she announced it last week. It was repeated many times on many media sources.
(Although I have refused to wear one outside all along)
This past weekend, it was uncanny to see so many more cars being driven by drivers only, who had their windows tightly rolled up and masks firmly affixed to their faces. (Maybe I was more aware due to "Karen watching" but I don't think that fully accounted for what I noticed)
You could almost see the "smugness" in them as they sat up straight & tall, slowly turning their heads side-to-side to make sure everyone saw them, as they gradually cruised the parking lots for the spots near the store entrances.
(I can't understand why they seemed indignant when I pointed at them, made the universal "crazy" sign, and laughed at them. Aren't clowns putting on a show supposed to make you laugh?)
And you could see the fear in some people's eyes as I walked up to store entrances with no mask on, only to pull one out of my pocket to put it on right as I stepped inside.
My, oh my! How quickly the sheeple have been trained to obey. (Including me to some degree - I guess - although I am simply trying to respect their efforts to keep Gub-nor Janet happy)

Friday I got a personal letter from Joe Biden! Addressed directly to me and everything! I feel so honored! It seems that I am being recognized for the valiant efforts I have made to combat the pandemic and he is going to send me another $1400!
Dang! I haven't got the scope zeroed and settled in yet for the last one I bought and now I gotta go buy another gun! Oh well! Small price to pay to keep the economy going! The sacrifices we all have to make.
We are going to be paying dearly through our taxes.

I am personally glad to see folks refusing to get their vaccinations. The gummint cannot seem to decide what is right, left, up, or down. They vastly underestimate the citizenry's ability to think and reason.
"Every patriotic American must do their part to end this "pandemic" by getting their vaccinations".
"Once Covid is eliminated, we can open up the economy and stop wearing masks".
(shut up you fools! that's how we are controlling the sheeple!)
"Oh! Er, uh, once we are all vaccinated, we still need to wear masks forever because Covid mutates" (OK Fauci - you should be tied to a post for your treason.)

Apparently, no one in government has read Joseph Heller's "Catch-22", or watched the movie (The book conveys more of the meaning). They don't seem to understand the once popular term describing governmental absurdity.

I did get my vaccinations - I guess I'm more of a sheeple than I like to think. That's why I don't wear masks except where other people are hacking and coughing everywhere. (Is Karen's coughing from Covid? Or is it Hay Fever? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.) At church, we shake hands instead of 'elbow bumping' - it feels 'normal'.

As for the vaccinations: mine were the Pfizer brand.
First shot made my arm sore until the next day. No noticeable side effects - no nausea, achiness, fever, nor anything else. Everyone said the first shot was easy but the reaction from the second shot was supposed to be bad.
Second shot did not even make my arm sore- different arm. Just a litle tenderness at the injection site if I poked it. No nausea, achiness, nor fever. (Did they give me a placebo?) That shot was April 8, and I'm still feeling fine, except for a strange urge to burn my box of face masks. Psychosomatic? I dunno. With 7.9 billion people, we won't all react the same and I'm grateful I had no bad reactions.
I figured that after heart surgery a few months ago, I would be better off to get vaccinated. It would suck to go through all of that but then die from a covid virus. So it seemed like a good idea at the time, although I still think I would do it anyway. I have sired all the kids I am ever going to so no risk of passing along genetic mutations from the vaccine.

As always, YMMV.
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