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How bad is .32 S&W?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by sum1_special, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. sum1_special

    sum1_special G&G Newbie

    Hey everyone... Haven't posted here in a long time...

    I have just acquired an incredibly old iver johnson break top revolver chambered in .32 S&W short. At the moment it is the only gun in my home that is left loaded in a drawer beside my bed because, well, it is the only revolver i own. I have looked at the ballistics for .32 S&W and almost cried, this caliber will spit a 85 grain bullet at only 680 fps :eek:. IIRC, Iver johnsons were a working man's defence weapon during the beginning of last century, and i have heard police have used pistols chambered in this caliber aswell, But how could a wimpy round that is a step above .22lr and .25 acp be chambered in a defence pistol? What type of power does this round actually have?

    I hear good things about .32 S&W, is there some sort of unforseen magical powers the round has that I dont know about? ... Hmmm, maybe i'm just being a bit snobbish,(surprising the heck out of me... I hunt rabbits with a .22 caliber jennings!) but after thinking about it... this round is about half of a .38 special...

  2. denfoote

    denfoote G&G Newbie

    Let's just say your better off than with a .25ACP, but not by much!!!

    The first rule of a gun fight is "have a gun"!!

    Where did you find ammo for it???
    I hope you are not trying to chamber .32ACP in that gun!!!
  3. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    Two words . . . "Shot Placement"! ;)
  4. troylaplante

    troylaplante G&G Newbie

    Big did you make out in the hurricane? Good to see you online.
  5. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    We made out well. I posted in a couple other threads. ;)

    Since I've been shooting my Russian Nagant revolver in 7.62X38R, I'm gaining more respect for the low-powered rounds. Our loads use a .308 bullet (95 grain, IIRC) at around 700FPS, average. Not blistering fast, by any means. But placed properly, it'll take the wind out of a goblin's sails - unless he's on PCP.
  6. fred

    fred G&G Newbie

    I sure wouldn't pick a fight with a grizzly if I were you.
  7. Johnny_Revolver

    Johnny_Revolver G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    lol, I wonder at what point in some calibres, does it become more productive to actually throw the gun at the target?
  8. sum1_special

    sum1_special G&G Newbie

    This is a self defence revolver, i wonder what iver johnson was thinking when they issued this as the guns caliber. Smith & Wesson also made the 'lemon squeezer' line of revolvers chambered in this caliber. There must be a reason this round was put into a defence weapon. :confused:
  9. troylaplante

    troylaplante G&G Newbie

    From what I've read, it was a popular cartridge in cowboy guns in the long version. I hear that it has gained somewhat in popularity for cowboy action shooting. Sure is expensive new, though. Distributors have told me that the .32 S&W Long is only made once a year by the major manufacturers, but is regularly produced by Aguila. I still have about a hundred rounds of Aguila rounds here at the house. Low recoil makes it popular for cowboy style shooting.
  10. sum1_special

    sum1_special G&G Newbie


    It's funny how something could worry you so much until you really sit down, think, compare, and research. I have been looking into this round for a few days now and I think I just had a Break Through. Right now i am over at comparing the ammo, look at the ballistics:

    .32 S&W short(this is my caliber) - 85 grain, 680 FPS, 90 ft.lbs.

    .32 short colt - 80 grain, 745 FPS, 100 ft.lbs.

    .32 S&W long - 98 grain, 705 FPS, 115 ft.lbs.

    .32 ACP - 71 grain, 905 FPS, 129 ft.lbs.

    .380 ACP - 95 grains, 955 FPS, 190 ft.lbs.

    It seems as though next to some of these calibers .32 S&W short doesn't seem so bad... look at the comparison between the first 3 rounds. 32 S&W short is the weakest caliber listed, 32 short colt and 32 smith & wesson long were very important calibers in history, and they don't seem that far off in power... I think I learned something today, and I will never look down on the kel-tec P32 again. ;)
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2005
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