How can i tell the age of my Stevens 311

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    My grand dad let me have his old school double barrel shotgun.It only has one firing pin that works.It is still a great gun though.So any help would be greatly appreciated
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    If it was manufactured between 1949 and 1970 there should be a small circle with a number and letter stamped inside of it, between the trigger and the hinge pin. The letter reflects the year of manufacture. *The date code may also be on the flats of the receiver where the barrels rest on the receiver.

    Stevens Date Codes

    A 1949
    B 1950
    C 1951
    D 1952
    E 1953
    F 1954
    G 1955
    H 1956
    I 1957
    J 1958
    K 1959
    L 1960
    M 1961
    N 1962
    P 1963
    R 1964
    S 1965
    T 1966
    U 1967
    V 1968
    W 1969
    X 1970

    After the Gun Control Act of 1968 took effect, serial numbers were required on the reciever of long guns. No date code, no serial number; likely pre 1949.

    Here's a link to parts,

    Firearm Parts and Accessories | Numrich Gun Parts Corp. |
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  3. Congrats on the shotgun from your Grand Dad. Also, welcome to the site.
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    I also just got my hands on a 311. It has an A in a circle and an I in a cricle and then TA not in circles. I haven’t found any info on how to identify it. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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    I also just found the same letters on the barrel but also 19J near the screw.
    Thanks again!
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    My f-i-l sold his 311 to a good friend of mine. After I did some repairs and a re-finish job, my buddy promptly took it afield and dropped a nice doe with it, 1 shot, dropped in her tracks, approx 35 yds..
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