How can some people be so stupid

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Chris, May 5, 2002.

  1. Chris

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    Listen to my friend story

    This is what gives gun shows bad names...This stupid old man did this, and the boy could have gotten jail time! and he didnt care, he worked for the state of corrections, and he claimed he could sell the to the public...oh man I was like dude...

    Anyways, beware...
  2. PAPA G

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    wow, some people!!!!i wonder if the BATF was working the show.they would have a field day with that one, and so would schumer, klinton, and mc cain.


    JUSTAGUY Guest

    Good thinkin' Chris, I don't know as I'd be that aware to wipe my prints off. I'da probably been too distracted by the shock of the whole thing happening right there before my eyes. As to wheather he would ever get caught, if "Murphy's Law" rules, he pushed th' thing off on somebody and went home dummer an' happier than when he got there. Then the guy he sold it to got caught!!

    NOW, if it wuz YOU tryin' a stunt like that, you'da got nabbed as soon as ya walked through th' door.

    Thanks for contributing to keeping us on our toes.

  4. Calvin

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    People who subject their kids to stunts like that should be shot!!!! I can't believe a dad would put his son in harm's way. If I knew of a guy doing that to his son/daughter, I'd personally cap his ***.


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    Why did he not turn him in? For the boy's sake? He should have burnt the Dumb*** before he put someone else in harm's way which is what he did if he sold it. All you need is for some young 20 something to come to a show unsuspecting and see something "cool" like this and buy it. On the way out someone asks if he can see it and proud of his find he goes "SURE". Next thing you know this guy is on the ground and in cuffs. Doing 20 for someone else's crime.

    BTW Chris what are the differences between an M16/AR15 bolt?
  6. well


    These people are out there, and they are our peers. People like this are one of our own worst enemies. Our worst enemy is a law abiding gun owner that does nothing about these things. I still strongly feel that gun owners, as a whole, are far too complacent and not nearly active enough in the politics and defense of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Second Amendment.

    First, the local law enforcement would figure out reeeaal quick that the kid was doin this for Dad etc....

    Second, the news media would get hold of it and run like he11.

    Third, if we had a more organized legal gun owning population the second part would not be a problem, nor would the anti gun lobby. If we had 2/3rds of the legal gun owners organized, the gun grabbers would be a minor annoyance.


    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Get a load of this one

    There's a guy talking about guns on another non gun forum. Well everyone is talking about their fav's and this one guy says he wants to buy a SAW; says his friend in an arms importer. I reply telling him its a class 3 weapon license, permits, maybe get a dummy gun etc... and he replies "let's just say that I am not going through the normal procedures to get a SAW"

    I quickly e mail this guy it is a 20 yr minimum sentence to illegaly own one and that he should edit his post immediately and hope no one reports him. Talk about STUPID!

    Of course I believe this guy is a BS artist he said he was a sniper and had several sniper rifles. We have discussed his type here before. If he gets burned he will have brought it on himself. And how stupid is his Dealer friend!
  8. Chris

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    Well turning im in would have gave the friend a bad name, but again it did not happen to me, so I am unclear on the details.

    Well either way it screws us all over with ppl like that.