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    I can find plenty of places selling Russian, Finnish, Austrian, Swiss, and German C&R guns but no Japanese?:confused:
  2. The plentiful rifles you mention all are imported in large batches from long-term storage facilities in countries that dipped them in cosmoline and put them away at the end of their service. At some point it was decided that they are no longer useful for current military practice and put on the market. When that happens there are LOTS of them available.

    To my knowledge, at the end of WWII the Japanese were almost totally disarmed. No such stashes were created, the few that come on the market come from private collections. (It would be cool if I'm wrong and a batch of 10,000 was discovered but I'm not counting on it.)

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    jap guns were thrown in the ocean, or brought home with GI's.
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    Bummer. All my C&R guns so far are commie.
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    How about a Swede? Or an Enfield. Or a Mauser. Or a Carcano. Or a 1903?
  7. Or another Mosin. Or two or three.
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    oddly enough thats almost exactly what my wish list looks like! but the 1903 is first.
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    Well I just ordered a Steyr M95 from SOG. Is that Austrian?
  10. SOG is offering both Hungarian and Austrian rifles. I suspect unless you specified Hungarian the rifle you get will be Austrian. Post some pictures of your blue/green shoulder after you fire it! :)
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    I was just thinking about that since my shoulder is still sore from shooting my Mosin's last Monday!

    Pain is just weakness leaving your body, as my ex-marine friend keeps telling me.:09:

    Oops, just got an email from Quantum Tracking. Looks like I should get it Tuesday.

    My grandpappy was Austrian. That's why I wanted an Austrian. Yeah, it was the Austrian. The Hungarians cost a bunch more.
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    Jap Rifles

    You can still find Arisakas at most of the bigger gun shows. They vary from well worn to not too bad. I bought a mod 38 (6.5 MM) last month at a show for $235. It still had the mum on the receiver and the barrel/action was in good shape with most of the blue intact. The stock is being refinished and the whole gun was filthy. It will look really good in a few days, then I will find out how it shoots.
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    Hmmm, a 70 buck mosin sounds like a much better deal, and the ammo is easier to find.