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How Deer Hide?

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For the deer hunters:
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No Picture. This aint the one with the deer up a tree, is it?
Weird..worked when I first posted it..

Try this one..yess its the deer up a tree.
That picture worked, the first one didn't. I don't see what it got to do with deer hiding.
The first picture works now, but shows a guy sitting atop a giant mushroom, morel, I think. The second pic shows a rifle training manual.
I posted the giant mushroom this spring! what the heck is going on w/ pictures???? CHRIS!!!! JESSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Must be that giant mushroom 'cause im trippin'! Picture don't match man....

you have unlocked the mind with the key of imagination........

next stop THE TWIGHLIGHT ZONE!!!! do do do do do dooooooooo:rolleyes:
Since imigination is required in this thread, and I'm interested in where deer hide, I'll set my deer stand up between two 16 point deer just ready to stroll down the open area below me with my sights set at center mass.
Oxford:full: :hmmm: :right:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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