How did children, homes and guns coexist before gun safes and locks?

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  1. I grew up in a house where the guns were either hung on the wall, or tucked inside the corner of a closet. I had the fear of God put into me from my dad, and taught guns were a tool not a toy. I was allowed to use these tools at a very young age, and respected what they could do, as well as what my dad would do.:eek:

    I can remember pick up trucks with gun racks / shotguns in the back window in our high school parking lot. (we also had drive your tractor to school day) I'm sure growing up in a rural area where everyone had a gun didn't hurt either.

    My kids grew up in a house from day one with firearms. They were allowed to see, touch, handle and I would explain the function whenever they asked. They also learned that guns are tools not toys, and I think a good bit of respect or fear. (you would have to get their opinion on that)

    All 3 of mine started shooting trap in 4H at the age of 9 or 10 years old. 4H helped to reinforce safe gun handling and a respect for the tool. Our local club had a great advisor, who really stressed safe firearm handling. He made wooden firearm replicas, and the kids were required to use that on the shooting line until they demonstrated safe handling 100% of the time.

  2. There is much better security than gun safes: secrecy. People at large should not know of any guns you own to begin with. We can talk about our guns on these pages, but nobody here knows anybody's home address. There is physical security and there is intelligence security, secrecy.
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  3. When minors bully others violently, law enforcement should intervene. Minors who beat up the innocent should go to juvenile detention for a while. If I were to have a child bullied at school or other places, I would seek the long arm of the law. I was jumped by three boys coming home from school at age ten. I had to strategically walk over the hill along a fire trail to avoid them in the street. I had to go out of my way to not get beat up or bullied to or from school. At school recess, I would hide in the library often to avoid getting bullied on the playground. I was no athlete or karate black belt by a dam sight. I would also sometimes encounter aggressive unrestrained neighborhood dogs to and from school and had to side step those as well. I would often fantasize having a gun or a guard dog for my protection against bullies. But I had to instead cowardly devise safer routes of travel or seek places of retreat from bullies. I'd prefer to deal with things civilly if it can first be done that way. I'm a non-violent person by nature. Take alternate routes of travel. Retreat if it can be done safely. Beating the innocent up is the crime of battery. Criminal battery should be countered with a weapon of some kind or a trained security dog. If you are a martial arts expert, fine, protect yourself by hand and foot if you can. Remember, a defense weapon is a SHIELD to protect your body from physical harm by others. Not all citizens are Kung Fu experts.
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    I've been thinking about it and I can't recall where dad kept his guns when I was young. When we moved into town he came across a deal on an old storage locker with a hasp style lock and outfitted that to put them in. My brother is not safety minded or mentally stable. I was 9 by then, which would have made my brother 4.

    He took me out to the woodshed when I was still a small boy, probably the year before we did the hunter's safety class together. He set up several blocks of wood and put a huge tech manual he had left over from his Air Force days in front of them. Then he blasted it from about 30 ft. with a .30-30 to show me the power of a rifle.
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    No kung-fu expert, me. Just big. One bully tried me once. I lifted him over the second floor railing and dropped him.... onto a sticky bush. Never had a problem with him again.
    A couple others, gay guys making it obvious (simply not done in the early 1970s), and trying to pick on me. I managed to slug both with one blow. They were lucky, as I was literally seeing red, from their abuse. Takes a whole lot to make me mad, they did it. No more trouble from them. I tended to befriend the nerds, so I let the bullies know they were under my protection too. I really hate bullies, to this day.
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    I'm exactly the same way.
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    Discipline and responsibility instilled early beats locks and safes with the little ones.

    There was a deep freeze tot the side of my reloading/work bench. I'd sit back there and clean guns and give the little tooters guns to clean. They got beyond the novelty of guns from the start. We had not a moment's trouble out of our two sons growing up with guns.

    The top M1 Carbine in this photo was my lesson leaving guns alone. At three or four years old I merely opened my dad's closet door just to peek at the Carbine standing in the corner. I already knew it was hands off. Got caught by my mother and received a good hiding just the same.

    At six years old, I got to shoot the Carbine, the first firearm I ever shot. Well, I snuggled up to it and pulled the trigger. My dad was actually holding it. I thought I was big stuff though. That was in 1963.
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  9. M1 Carbines get no blue ribbons for beauty.
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    Kids were taught and trained by responsible Fathers, about firearms. BOTH my daughters were trained, and taught about firearms by me. Never had any issues.
    BOTH of mine kept their loaded weapons in their rooms, from an early age.
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