How did you get hooked?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Sep 12, 2002.

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    So what was it that got you hooked on the Mosins? For me it was thsi "cheep" $60 rifle that looked kinda neat sitting all neglected looking in the gunstore floor rack....and I never owned a center fire rifle before..just pistols and here is this $60 rifle...a brown bag of 100 rounds of ammo only $10 ... that did me a drug dealer giveing out free samples.........Mine was the 91/30 long I had to get the M44 for the muzzle blast..then the 39 and well you know the drill....:p
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    My shooting buddy suckered me into it! He told me there was a "old Mauser-looking thing" down at the local gun&pawn shop. Turned out to be a Mosin Dragoon. I bought it, then started studying up on them. Got the bug, and started buying more. Dang, that KGB Cosmoline goes right to your head. :rolleyes:

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    for me it was the great gun ads that used to be in the mags. Ye Olde Hunter, Goldenstate Arms, with their nifty little B.S. stories. that was the bait!!! in 1966, i had scrimped and saved some money, and the M-N was the best deal to me. so i dashed of an order with a m.o. for a 91/30, $10 ppd!!! that was before the GCA 1968. delivered to my door by the mailman(the good old days)!!! was in fair shape, but that stock smelled like creosote!!! so anytime i'm near a utility pole, memories of my first Mosin comeback!!!
  4. I blame it all on this forum. I was "Mosin free" till I came here. You guys are a bad influence...but I forgive each and everyone of ya. I started with the 91/30 because it was on sale. You guys gave me tips on refinishing it and it turned out so nice, I got another one. I had to buy the 91/30's some friends so I got them some shorter friends to play with in the form of M44's. I think the price of an accurate high powered rifle is what really made me get more or is it really in the cosmoline?????
  5. My trip down the road of no return began with stumbling across a Carl Gustaf M96.

    I had no idea what the gun was. I heard of the name but never knew anyone who ever had one. I gave in and bought it, of course.

    After shooting the long barrelled beauty you guys started taking smack about the Mosin. Then that dang snakebite guy talked about getting one.

    Well, after getting a 44 I got a Yugo 48A and then a Schmidt Rubin K31.

    So, my love for the older military guns grows.

    I imagine it's just a matter of time that I add a 91/30; tho they are getting very scarce around here.
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    about a year ago i saw an ad for a sporting goods store called big 5 that looked kind of neat. in the ad was an old mil-surp gun called a mosin-nagant m-44,whatever that was,that was selling for 49.95. went to the store but they were sold out of the m/n's so i bought a vz-24 instead but kept looking for the m/n's.i then found a local pawnshop that carries a lot of mil-surp's from SOG and i bought my first 91/30,then came my laminated russian m-44 from a gun show in lubbock,tx and more recently my 1944 sako m-39 on a 1905 tula hex receiver,and the cravings grow worse every day...
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    I kept seeing the ads and the cheap pricing. Then I kept hearing people rant about them all the time. Then I was at the range one day and this guy let me fire about 3 different types of Mosins. Finally, I was able to get good pricing on a laminate stock M-44 and a Tula Hex 91/30...That did it. Now, no thanks to these discussions I am eyeing a Finnish M-39. Here we go again.
  8. Calvin

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    Mine started when I was looking to buy a Lee-Enfield. The guy at the gunstore said they didn't have any, but they had a rifle in that needed cleaning and could be had for $50 because it looked so bad. I asked what it was, and after he told me, I looked at him and laughed. He pulled it out from the back room, and there it was. All covered in cosmoline and smelling terrible. I actually dropped the thing on the floor, it was so slippery. Well, I felt bad about dropping it so I bought it. Took it home and bathed it for 2 days. I never knew until then that Westinghouse had ever built anything other than electrical appliances. It was a 1914 Westinghouse M91. I still have it, and I have never even shot it. Went back up the next day and bought a 1910 Dragoon for $65 and shot it. The 1914 looks as good as the day it left the factory-no kidding. I don't think the thing was ever fired. After shooting the Dragoon, it has been downhill from there.
    Long live the Mosin!!
  9. Dennis

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    Well my first was my Tikka 1942 Unfired (when I got it) M91.
    That was about.................17 years ago I paid $59.95 for it.
    I had bought a Hykim that wasnt the best shooter, I wanted a high powered shooter. I soon learned what a real accurate gun was like. My old "uglystick" shoots better than I do.
    I have wone contests with the dang thing.
    Then the chinese M44 came around for $39.95 then the .........well you can imagine
    I have a great love for these old rifles.
    They are just cool.
  10. for me it was when i went looking for a turk mauser and stubled across this sweet looking rifle with 100% blueing, and a perfect stock, went home, did a little research and found out it was a mosin-nagant 91/59 went back bought it waited ten days picked it up cleaned it up that morning went and had it head headspaced that afternoon, (at wich point the gun smith offered me $150 bucks right there) took it out the next morning and put it through it's paces, and wowed all the people there that had never seen let alone heard of a mosin-nagant and it's kick ***** muzzle blast! been hooked ever since!

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  11. bought it mainly because it's cheap and powerful and i never owned a gun before. so this was a good starter.
  12. It was Big Five's newspaper brochure that hooked me, too. Went down to look at the 91/30 they had on sale, and the display was immaculate. Dated 1944, with a barrel you could use for a wood rasp but a beautiful stock; all the bluing and all the shellac. Lots of Cosmoline, too.

    I told the gal, "okay, now show me the one I'll be getting." "They're in sealed boxes..." "Fine. Unseal one." It looked like someone had used it for a weedwacker all summer and left it out all winter, so I told her, "I'll take the display." She wasn't happy, but she didn't argue. She did ask if she could leave it up as a display during the ten-day waiting period, and I said, "sure."

    Then I went home and started digging around the internet to see what I had bought, and the rest is history.
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    I actually got a Dragunov first and I was very impressed by the cartridge and the accuracy, and a friend told me about the Mosins and that he had 6 of them in different models ,and I bought a Sako 91/30, Bought a carbine next, Got a heck of an offer on my 91/30 traded it and then got another Carbine in a trade, Now I am Looking for another 91/30 or m39 for the rack ! I regret losing my Sako 91/30....
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    Same thing here. Still working on getting some more. I need to before the supply dries up, if that's possible.
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    I came here and read your posts about the Mosin and contracted Mosinitis. Found one and told the guy to hold it a couple of days, then convinced the wife that I needed it. He has an M44 up there that my 91/30 was setting next to. My 91/30 is now lonely and misses his little brother. I hate to break up a family.

    This place has some cheap 91/30's
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    whos dredging up ancient threads?
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    A friend of mine suggested that I get one when I was asking about getting a good first bolt action rifle that was a fun shooter. I managed to find an all matching 1943 Ishy 91/30 when I was at my local gunstore buying ammo for my AK for about $95. Seemed a lil bit high from what I have read about others buying theirs for, but for the convenience I bought it. After cleaning it up and taking it to the range all I could say was "Wow, he was right!" The accuracy is way better than my AK, ( for obvious reasons LoL ) and something about that well pronounced "BOOM" just makes it even more fun to shoot! Must be that addictive Soviet Cosmoline, because I'm already plotting out my next few Mosin purchases! I've also just recently gotten done refinishing the stock on my 91/30 and it looks beautiful! I just used the ol tung oil and beeswax trick and it really turned out well.
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    After retiring from the USN, I decided I needed / wanted a gun in the house. A local dept. store, Rose's, had 10-15 difrent military surplus rifles for sale at reasonable prices.

    The M91-30 was $49.00, so I bought one + a few packs of ammo. Soon thereafter, it was an 8mm Mauser, then a modified Ishy.......

    I even bought one for my better half. She loves her's too.

    I love these old bolt action rifles. I just bought an M-44 last week at a gun show. Rose's in owned by another company now and they don't sell guns.

  19. NRAJOE

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    I'm not as entrhalled with Mosins like I used to be...into Enfields and K31's now....

    But I still like my Mosins...;)