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I am old. My 15 minutes of fame was long ago. I actually left a job in building construction to go into the Army MPs, in 1969 which got me started in law enforcement. I was the kid pouring and vibrating mud floor by floor on multi story buildings. Back then we did not have radios and you would signal to the guy on the crane on the ground where to position the bucket, you know the drill. Sometimes he would not understand hand signals and more than one guy got knocked down with that bucket of mud, lol. Hard work for sure. Probably why I have a bad back now...
I see why you left construction. I was smart (lucky) enough to start a small company that works with light weight aluminum, pool enclosures, patio covers, pergolas and the likes. My dad started working with me when he retired, and my son occasionally does too while he sorts out his greater plans so it has been a blessing. My problem solving amounts mostly to trigonometry and overcoming the intricacy of home and slab layout. More puzzle-like than anything else. No fifteen minutes for me, but a ton of rewarding moments with my old man. He is now 81 and can work circles around most people half his age. That and the fact that I haven't cared what a clock tells me in twenty-four years. That said, I still imagine how much I would have loved being an investigator, or maybe would have liked to have a go at special forces in one of the branches. I feel like I would have liked to know a little more about what I was or wasn't made of. Zero complaints about my plight though.

Your service is appreciated.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts