How do FALs feel?

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    I've been wondering how FALs feel when firing, as I've never gotten to fire one.
    My present familiarities are with M1 Garand, SKS, HK-91, AR-180, and AK-47.
    AK kicks fast but not with much force. I can feel the action moving, which makes it feel less stable and controllable. SKS kicks more smoothly, but about as hard. I find it more comfortable to hold and fire, including rapidly. HK-91 is VERY smooth, with muzzle brake it kicks less than the SKS, but sends out quite a shock wave. About as easy to keep on target in repeated fire. M1 seems quite smooth, not too loud. Kick is significant, but very bearable. Not too hard to keep on target, though I haven't rapid fired it yet.
    Can anyone describe how the FAL compares?
  2. Subjectively speaking, the recoil impulse is spread out over a longer time than an HK, or so it seems. I can shoot 1000 rounds in a FAL in one day and not be flinching towards the end. After all, it is a heavy rifle in standard trim. I have one example with an Entreprize brake that seems espeicially mild. My 118 pound daughter seems to like it OK, although she enjoys the AR much more.

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    If you have the gas adjustment set correctly , it probably has mider recoil than my M1A or 7.62 NATO Garand . Very nice to shoot , but not exactly light . Probably not much heaver , if any , than the other two .

    I will shoot it all day , if you will buy the ammo . :)


    God Bless
  4. I have found that the L1A1, in its military configuration, has about the same recoil as the Lee-Enfield #5 (Jungle Cabine). That was with the gas regulator set at 4 or 5, anything less gave me short cycles.
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    My 308 experience is with Federal Arms HK-91 clone. I'd like to know how it compares with that. Also like to know how the action compares to the SKS and AK-47, as I like SKS but dislike how the AK slams around and shakes itself up.
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    Any 7.62 NATO rifle is going to have more recoil and blast than 7.62 x 39mm ( SKS & AK ) .

    In my opinion , an AK is the best short and medium ( 150 yard ) rifle ever made , for soft targets . Absolutely reliable & controlable on semi-auto ( never shot one FA ) .

    7.62 NATO & .30-06 is much better for more distant targets and harder targets . Same for 8mm Mauser & 7.62 x 54R .

    I really like my Century FrankenFAL & it was less than my 7.62 NATO Garand and less than half the price of the M1A ( expensive mags ! ) . FAL mags are cheap . 7.62 NATO ammo is cheap . What else can you sak for ?

    God Bless
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    Actually, my SKS kicks more than my G3, because of the G3s muzzle-break. But I'd take a little more kick for a little less noise.
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    My Century 21" barrel L1A1 with mizzle break is SWEET. I don't notice the recoil. My new build Entreprise L1A1 chopped to 18" is even SWEEEETER! Recoil is no where as bad as some bolt guns, and I don't think it is even as much as my #5. But, that is me. The kickers here are the M44's or the Steyr-Manlicher carbine. I like the feel of the L1 the best personally.
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    Can you feel the bolt moving like in the AK? My M1 is just a solid punch, my G3 is more of a smooth push, being recoil operated. My SKS is more like a soft slam. My friend's AK... You can feel the bolt fly back and forward, it has this shaky feeling like it has a mind of it's own. How are fals in this field?
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    I can't say that I can feel the bolt that much. It is nothing like the AK, probably closer to a Mini14 or SKS, or more like an AR, but without as much of the spring "twang". The M1 recoils less I think, and the L1A1 or STG58 or FAL or G1 (whatever you like) have a recoil. You know that you have a robust rifle in your hands. Simular to the CETME or G3. I descided on the L1 and sold my CETME only because the L1 fit me better. I really like the G3 style also.

    Bottom line IMHO, is that the L1 style will recoil very close to the same as the G3 which you know well. The two rifles feel different. The L1 feels handier and piont better in the field to me, especially in the 18" barrel configuration.