How do I clean a CMP M1903?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JimE2, May 28, 2002.

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    Help! I have a CMP M1903 on order, not here yet, and I need some advice on what the best method to remove the grease and or cosmoline from the wood. It is my understanding that most "over the counter" strippers like Kleen-Kutter's Varnish & Shellac Remover , will not phase the packing axel grease that some of these CMP M1903's are suppose to have. Also, I have read that mineral spirits or paint remover don't do much on the grease either.

    Some have suggested using Simple Green or one of the Orange Oil cleaners. Still others insist on Murphy's Oil Soap.

    Does the Stock Doc have any suggestions, tips or tricks he could pass on to the CMP M1903 expecting?

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    I had this same problem and mine was so deep in the wood I cried. I did two or three hand cleaners strippings and two Trisodium Phosphates. Below is a bit of my methods from my sheet I have put together. The other thing I didn't think of that Dr. Walt Kuleck said was leave it out in the blazing sun after a bit of cleaning to make it ooz out of the pores if possible. I didnt try that and my stock still smells like moth balls which was fromthe grease. Rick B

    Ok here it is. First I get a hold of E-Z-GO hand cleaner or GO-JO which is waterless and gritless. Most probably any will do. I rub it on stock in sink of course and then let it set for about 15-30 minutes depending on amount of dirt and if markings are on stock. Now I take and rub on a hand full more then take a tooth brush and rub it but not real hard near edges and cartouches. I rinse with warm water again careful around markings incase there weak.Use the tooth brush to brush off hand cleaner while rinsing.
    If the stocks is heavy oil and no cartouches use Trisodium Phosphate and make a paste out of it then tooth brush it on. Wait 10 minutes and rub some water on with the tooth brush to make sure it doesn't dry on stock. Now wait about 5-10 minutes and rinse you will see the dirt still but after it dries you will be amazed. You can repeat this method until happy but again be careful if there are Cartouches.If the stock is terrible I use a cement plastic mixing tub with TSP {Trisodium Phosphate} and hot water. I soak them for a day if needed. I scrub them periodically to remove the grime the TSP brought out at that point. Let water cool down don't worry about getting new hot water in the tub even though hot water is best. Now when satisfied rinse them off and hang dry for a day or more. The stock will look dark when you take it out but when it dries you will fall over.