how do i find the date of an enfield

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    my friend just pick up an enfeild#4 and were trying to find the date on it.any sugestions?
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    By any chance does your serial number have a "C" in it (i.e. 70C8790)?

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    I was just taking a shot in the dark that it was a Savage made No4. The date should be located on the left buttstock socket or action body.

    It is not unusual to find a No4 with most or all markings removed, if you are unable to find a date, post the serial number (or partial number -- i.e. 36C34XX) and you will get an answer from someone on this board.

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    If i remember correctly, sometime in 1943 I they removed the dates on the rifles.
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    If you are referring to Savage made No4 rifles, you are correct, they stopped dating the rifles in 1943. The highest 1943 dated Savage I have on file is 60C77XX and the lowest non-dated is 50C11XX. I have on record a dozen or so 1943 dated rifles in the 50X11XX - 60C77XX range.
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    seial #

    My very first rifle was a #4 Enfield 83CXXXX. Still have it.
  7. The best way is to buy a reference book, or you could post the serial number and someone may be able to ID the rifle and build date for you.
  8. Age of Enfield Rifle

    A question regarding rifle age. My Mark 1 No.3 Enfield shows the date 1914. Is that the actual date of the rifle or the date when the model was accepted and went into production? I may have entruded on this thread. Sorry if I did. Thanks. Dan
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  9. Do you mean No1 Mk3 ?
    If so the date shown will be the 'date of manufacture'.

    A No3 rifle is a totally different beast.
  10. 1918 No1 Mk3

    Alan De: Yes, a No1 Mk3. Thanks, Dan
  11. My No.5 Mk.1

    Alan: I have three Enfields and know little about them. I also have a 1944 No1 Mk3. The No5 Mk1 has the following markings. Some I understand others I don't. On the left side: No5 Mk1 ROF (F), 2/45 H1515 (H1515 also on magazine bottom and on the wrist clamp, left side). Upper sling swivel has M 47 A. I suspect the H1515 is the sn. Is the 2/45 - Feb 1945? What of the others. I have not fired any of the three but would like to do so. The weapons are very clean and tight all around. Do you think there is a safety issue? Thanks for your help. Dan
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  12. ROF(F) = Royal Ordnance Factory Fazakerly (near Liverpool)
    2/45 = Feb 1945
    M47 = BSA wartime factory code.

    Its a Fazakerly made rifle with a BSA sling swivel (no big problem as parts were exchanged between factories and also changed during its working life - an armourer would not hunt thru' a box of sling swivels to find a 'matching' part, he'd just use the first one he came to)

    If the bolt serial numbers match the action serial numbers its a fairly safe bet they are safe to shoot. If you want to be sure just get a 0.074" headspace gauge, if they wont close on it then you are 100% sure they are safe to shoot. (always assuming no-one has drilled a hole thru the barrel or otherwise done something stupid)
  13. Age of Enfield Rifle

    Alan: I can find no date on the bolt of my No.5 Mk.1. Where am I not looking? Thanks.
  14. The bolt will not be dated but should have the same serial number as the action.
    The serial number should be on the rear 'flat' of the bolt handle (between the bolt knob and the bolt).
    If there is no number, or a mismatched number, then it would be advisable to check the headspace.
    Headspace should be between 0.064" and 0.074" (do not use the SAMMI gauges which will 'reject' at 0.070")
  15. gandog56

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    The dates can be gotten from the serial number. I have a manual for No. 4 and No. 5's with the dates if you want to PM me, I can look it up.
  16. Date of Enfield

    Alan De: I checked the back of the bolt handle. The number is worn but clearly visible. All SNs are the same. I am very happy about that. Thanks again. Dan