How do I keep my guns?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by taras, Oct 18, 2002.

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    I come from Winnipeg, and wonder if any-one knows where to get an honest quote, and quick sale on a 44 lee, and a 14-17 P14?
    I recently suffered a home invasion type robbery, they took a lot of sentimental stuff,even some of my food, and believe it or not, even my telephone.
    I had just cashed my cheque that day and had all my rent and bill money in cash. I am truly penniless, and if I don't come up with rent money, pretty much home-less, lacking family or close friends in the city.
    My guns are all I have, and I don't want to part with them, but it don't look like I have a choice, so I hope for at least a fair price, yet need to sell soon. Must be legal licenced appraiser.
    I was turned down by social assistance and are'nt exactly a church goer, so theres no help there. However I have been long standing Legion Member, even a former executive, would it be in-appropriate to "pass the hat" and see if they could help out?
    I'm a little shy about those things and don't know where to start but am willing to do nearly anything to keep my guns. Any info or help to keep them would be great, cuz I don't think you can pawn guns here any more.:confused: