How do they work for hunting??

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by SKS_Man, Apr 3, 2002.

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    Does anybody know how an sks would work for deer hunting. What kind of range can a sks shoot. I am thinking of buying a russian sks.
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    Lots of Soviet SKS rifles have been used to take deer in NC, many throughout the mid to late '90's. The Russian hollowpoint was used most often (at least from what I saw) at distances up to 100 yds. Federal makes a (123gr?) round hollow/softpoint that is a great deer round for the SKS. The 7.62X39 gives slightly less performance than a 30/30. If you hunt with an SKS, check your laws on mag capacity and keep all shots at 100yds. or less. This should prevent a wounded deer running forever and never being found. I think you will like the Soviet SKS... I really like mine.

  3. Calvin

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    Wolf makes a new hunting load for the SKS. It's a 150-grain soft point. It will definately anchor a deer out to 150 yards. But, as Tarheel said, try to make them close shots. The SKS is a fine deer rifle as long as you remember to keep the distance as close as possible.
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    Just like a 30-30, which ballistically is very similar, an SKS should be considered a great brush hunting weapon. Like everyone says, beyond 150 yds accuracy and knock down are going to degrade. For long shots go back to your -06 or MN in 7.62X54R.
  5. Here in Arizona a semi auto is not legal to hunt ANY big game. Just rabbits, chipmunks, and cats
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    Shot placement, Gentlemen, is the key. Behind the front shoulder, thru both lungs and the top of the heart will result in a fast response. You don't want to shoot them on the run, behind the diaphram, or in the behind. Neck and head shots are iffy: you may miss vital structure and severly wound a deer that you may never find. The varmits will. Clean, fast kills are what we are looking for and with the rifles I have on hand, I would never hunt with a 7.62 X 39mm. If it were my only gun I would pick my shots very carefully.
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    I agree with what is being said here so far. Also, I think maximum capacity for hunting in WI is 20 rounds, so you should be fine(you may want to double check that). Here is the best SKS hunting story I have heard....(I'll sum it up)
    Guy shoots deer with SKS. A buddy of his was hunting near by, hears the shot, goes over to help clean/drag it out....Walking over to where he heard the shot, he sees the other guy is stabbing the deer with the bayonet! When asked what the h#ll are you doing, the other guy justifies it by saying hes always wanted to do that.....
    Depending where you hunt in WI, I think a SKS would be an alright deer rifle. Where I hunt in WI, you don't get many clear shots past 100-150 yards. Good luck.

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    I love the smell of bayonets in the morning........ oh .......wait.... that wasnt ...

    Never mind
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    yes if you have the bayo your bound to try that eventualy wether on coyotes and deer or anything else you kill. That dull blade will go in usualy under just the wieght of the rifle or with a little tap.