How do you hunt coyotes?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Sutro, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. Sutro

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    I live in the Nevada desert & coyotes are pretty common: Local wisdom is to name your dogs but number your cats.

    Occasionally I'll see a coyote, but not very often, and never when I've got a rifle with me, so relying on targets of opportunity hasn't worked out so well.

    I've got appropriate scope mounted rifles: A .223 AK-74, a 8mm M-48A, and a .22 10/22. Presume the AK would be best.

    So... Without spending a lot of money on equipment (night vision equipment, electronic game calls, etc., etc., etc.), how does one go about hunting coyotes?
  2. Jim Messer

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    Well. out here in Texas this is how we do it. Using the .223 and having lots of open spaces to do it in I would get me a rabbit sqealer mouth call. Go out early right before sunrise or late in the evening right before sundown. I always shoot a jackrabbit and open him (or her) real good to get a good scent going. Lay the rabbit out in the open where you have seen a coyote. Find a good hiding place. Start using the rabbit squealer as directed with instructions. If you are doing it right a coyote should soon appear. Blast him. I would be using 55 grain FMJ and shoot him in the chest. Have patience. Works here in Texas. I

  3. duck223

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    Here in Mo. we bait them,get some meat scraps and leave them where you have spotted them, for a few days,and leave some and get set up behind some cover and go for it.Of course I do this on private land.

  4. After doing the first two suggestions, try: Get a live chicken, 80 yards of string and a wooden stake. Beat the stake in the ground, tie the chicken's leg to the stake. The long piece of string to the other leg. Get back to your blind, "call", pull the string to make the chicken squak!!! bak BAK!! Don't laugh or you'll scare the cayote away. Pull it again and wait. Its a hoot.

  5. Sutro

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    Full MeTal Jack, that is the most disgusting, inhumane, unsporting, and cruel thing I've ever heard of.

    I think I may try it.
  6. colt45

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    Along that same line a cat and a shock collar works amazingly well.
    Even if it is illegle here in NY(animal cruelty to the cat)
    I say only if you miss the coyote and he gets lunch of you bait(cat)
    Up here the yots are shy of the rabit call we use the cat or a feild mose squeeling(on tape) the shock collar doesn't fit them real good.
  7. Sutro

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    Actually, there's both a day care center and an elementary school not too far away, which gives me some additional options. I also may sign my mother out of hospice care for an evening.
  8. Mike the JAG

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    Rumor has it that the sounds of a litter of puppies will attract coyotes. Take your tape recorder to the local animal shelter, find a squalling litter and hit record.
  9. AR-tim

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    Tying up a live chicken sounds fun may get more than you bargined for. Like a wolf(don't want to shoot one of those...that would take a lot of $$$ out of your wallet-thats illegal up here) or bobcat or any other predator. Just something to think about.