how do you hunt primarily?

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  1. I had posted on here a while ago about my first black bear hunt. and you guys had told me to get a climbing stand, well I bought one Friday night put it together and tried it out yesterday. I got the Summit Titan, because i'm a big fellow. I noticed that when it sat on the tree when I was trying to climb the spikes on the platform would sink into the tree making it rather difficult to move with my feet. I tried the stand as just above ground level and it was comfortable and I had plenty of room but still these stands aren't for everybody.

    Needless to say i'm going to take this stand back and get a ladder stand. Im going to put it up at my primary hunting spot and just ground hunt at the rest of them. anyone else hunt primarily from the ground with success?
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    I hunt from several types of stands and enjoy them all but my primary stands are all ladder stands, The only time i use a climbing stand is when i am going to hunt a place that is new and not readily able to get a permanent stand into or they they are not allowed. That being said climbing stands are a little difficult to get used to useing but once you are there they are really easy to use and i weight about 245 lbs, and i have had success with all types. Good hunting.

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    Ladder stands are safer, yet more cumbersome. They also are preferred by Yogi two to one, LOL !! I've used both in the past, each for different areas as stated before.
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    I pretty much hunt from ladder stands or hang on stands. I feel safer in a ladder stand. I have had success from the ground. I have learned though that you need to be more concealed while on the ground. I have scared more deer away while on the ground than I have killed. And I scared them when trying to get in place for the shot.
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    i hunt from the ground, either stalking, or a blind or even just leaning back against a tree. havent been up a tree in at least 20yrs! hunting from the ground, you definately have to be more conscious of your movement.
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    My first experience hunting was out west so spot and stalk was the method. When I moved back to Indiana and Michigan it was more hunting from tree stands or blinds and I found this method to be very boring and started to lose interest in hunting. Everyone told me I had to hunt from a stand but I preferred stalking deer.
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    I have ground hunted all my life, either still hunting or from a ground blind. Never once had the need for a tree stand or box blind to fill my tags.
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    I mostly hunt from the ground. I do hunt sometimes from stands. Stands will help sometimes keep your scent high.
  9. I got me a nice ladder stand yesterday. i'm going to put it near the soybean fields. I've hunted from ladder stands and tripods before, no problem, but Those climbers are rather scary. If anyone uses them and is in the market for a new one, I got the Summit Titan, it is a really nice stand, it is comfortable to sit it, I can't give it a bad review at all. Those type stands are just not for me.
  10. Box stands for the rainy days, but I prefer ladder stands. They give you that close to nature feeling that box stands leave out. I do have a climbing stand, but I don't like it. Used it one season and it now stays in my garage.
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    I have done more hunting sitting on the ground than any other kind. Yep, gotta be still and quiet. Every movement has to be done in super slow motion. But I have had success over the years.

    I didn't know what a blind was until I was in my 30's.
  12. I usually hunt from a ladder stand.
  13. I didn't like that one I got either. i'm sure with practice you get good at it but its those first few times when you start that could be the last time you ever go hunting. I had no control over that thing. sitting on a bar trying to get the platform out of the tree. yea id much rather climb a ladder.