How do you keep accessories?

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  1. Ok how do you keep your firearm accessories marked or how do you know what firearm they go to? I guess if you only have 2 rifles thats not a problem. I have more than that and am always trying to figure out what rifle the ammo pouch goes to. Or what bayo goes to what rifle. Somebody here must have a good system. I know this is not exactly the right thread but you guys know more than anybody else anyway.
  2. I use pill bottles if the Item will fit the various sizes of pill bottles.

    Example : Shotgun chokes, I will print what they are and gauge and tape to the pill bottle.
    Most other things I keep in the box they came in, in my gun cabinet and I have a kitchen cabinet all to myself that is packed with things you would call acessories.
    I've also got a kitchen drawer to, that's running over with shooting and hunting stuff.
    I lined the drawer with Velveta cheese box's, the card board half of Velveta cheese box'es makes handy compartments for stuff.
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  3. Depends on what the accessories are. Some are in ziploc baggies, others are in plastic containers, some use A.H.s method etc.etc.etc.. Is there something specific you're wanting to know how to keep/store?
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    well since they arent really numbered for the particular gun(or are they, i never noticed) i just throw all my M-N stuff in 1 bin, ak stuff in another, shotgun stuff in another, etc
  5. Boy, what I'd give to have that problem Capt. lol ...

    One thing I'd ad I do, is I try and keep the package certain things come in, as they're usually marked for what it's for or fits. As I said though, ziplocs work best for some stuff. You get those extra thick freezer bags, has the space to write on them with a sharpie/marker. Easily replaceable also.

    Then there's little plastic boxes with individual trays/spaces. But again, it depends on what all accessories. But this is what I mean as far as that.
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    If it's a mosin (which I would assume it is, since it's in that forum), then the bayonet, if removable, will have a serial number and can be recorded as to which rifle it belongs with. As for the other stuff, toss it in a pile (other than the sling, I keep that on the rifle), that's how the guys at Century put 'em with the rifle. So, unless you got an accessory kit that somehow matches the rifle (highly doubt it, but that would certainly be collectible and rare), then go ahead and pile 'em up and use as necessary.
  7. Well here is what I have. Parts kits both spare parts like spring kits for M1 Carbines. I have extra parts for a variety of reasons. I have ammo pouches for K98's Mosins Swedes etc. I have a ton of bayos and just dont remember which they go to. And mags I know what they go to but how to store them?
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    I have marked, clear boxes for small spares. For larger items I annotate on my inventory form, by serial #, what came with each rifle. The items are stored in cardboard boxes marked by serial #.
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    I place all my accessories in what ever containers appear to fit best and place these items in the butt pack of my web gear. that way its all together if and when I need it!
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    yup this is how i do it....just keep it simple.
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    If you really want to go overboard...tag each part with a part number, etc. and list them them in a computer spreadsheet. Organize your spreadsheet in a manner so you can sort columns by gun, part number, etc., value, and whatever else you want to keep track of.
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    A pretty good idea! Thanks Ox!
  13. Thats how I keep track of my firearms. But it wont transfer over so I can show you an example. But I hate those sticky labels on things.
  14. my bayo is mismatched to my gun, so it dont matter cuz the next few i get probably wont have detachable bayonets(M44 and M38), so i wont worry till i get that exsniper from century