How do you load your shotgun for HD?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Capt'n Mil Coll, May 24, 2008.

  1. So how do you load your Home Defense shotgun? I usually go with a SLUG #7 #7 00 00 SLUG SLUG. Got any better ideas?
  2. My scattergun is a Marlin 120 Mag to which I have added another barrel cut to 20 inches.

    First I never fully load the magazine, the spring can take a set and cause malfunction. I do have a cartridge carrier streched over the butt though with five in it.

    As for ammo, I roll my own. 3" buffered #4 nickel plated buckshot.

  3. lefty o

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    3" 00 all the way.
  4. Actually,

    we are pretty much on the same wavelength as I go double ought, slug, double ought, slug, and on and on.

    In this was we can be certain to deal with the drugged out home invader as well as the person wearing protective gear.

    Beyond belief it has really become a matter of knockdown power/put down power. When I was young I feel most would be robbers could be made to run just from the sound of the slide chambering a round. If you recall some of the older slide action shotguns really made that distinctive metallic noise on a quiet night.
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    Today is my first day in gunandgame, I have a question. I'm wanting a good, sturdy reliable pump shotgun for some bird hunting. Not knowing a whole lot about shot guns, I have been looking around and a Remington 870 Express seems nice. Its affordable, feels real comfortable and smooth and the weight and balance feel very good. I asked a friend and he said that a 870 is a excellent choice. Anyone else have some suggestions or comments?
  6. Dear Burningtree,

    the Remington 870 is probably the most well known pump shotgun in the world. Millions of them have been made and sold. It is, in a manner of
    speaking, probably as tough as the new German main battle tank.
    It should outlast several lifetimes of shooting and hunting.

    On a slightly less expensive note the Mossbergs are very good shotguns.

    My main advice would be a gun barrel for which you can screw in chokes of various characteristics such as full, modified, cylinder, and perhaps a turkey choke (extremely tight pattern/long range).

    Welcome to a world of shooting pleasure whether you go for game or
    clay targets or both.

    Good luck and good shooting.
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    Thanks for the info, I already have a single barrel 12gauge that I take out once in awhile.
    But I think I'm gonna go for the 870 it just felt right when I picked it up. now I just gotta figure out if I want it in a 20 or 12 gauge. probably 20 since I'm thinking of doing some hunting for upland game birds.
  8. lefty o

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    buy the 12. you can buy light loads that will duplicate 20ga loads, and usually 12ga shells are cheaper.
  9. Bt83, from what I have seen over the past number of years you'd be better served by an 870 Wingmaster. The Express is pretty much the same gun, just the outer metal finish is different. The matte finish of the Express is know to rust and you Really have to stay on top of keeping it properly oiled to prevent this.

    If you check the used racks a nice Wingmaster can be had at a fair price.
  10. Steve

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    i load my mossberg 590M with tactical buck shot, this is what we used when i was a policeman and it works very very well for close quarters work and doesn't overly penatrate walls and endanger the innocent.
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    I don't keep mine loaded but the firth thing i would grab would be 3 1/2" mags with BBs. That should do the trick at close range.

    Thats all that matters, is that it feels right to you. Definitely go 12. If by upland you might include bigger birds like pheasant they can somtimes be a little hard to bring down. Plus like lefty said they have some very light 12 gauge loads and its cheap.
  12. he spread isn't that great I have 2 shotguns the upstairs gun is a 20ga coach gun with an ammo sling with #6 shot, and a butt cuff with slugs. I use a 20 since the spread isn't that great for the distances inside and won't be that destructive. My wife breeds and shows Aussies and if somebody gets through the dogs they deserve to get shot. Plus my wife can handle it. The downstairs gun is a Winchester '97 riot gun. #4 shot # 6 shot on the sling and 00 low recoil on the butt cuff. 20ga is alright as long as your close. Once you gt aver about 8 ft with the 20 you'll need the slugs. at 10 ft the spread will be about 3" and 3/4 oz of lead at that range will ruin your day.

    Since you want to hunt, I would lean towards a 12ga pump or semi auto. If I was to buy a new gun for the purpose described I'd buy a Benelli semi, or a Mossberg 590, either gun with ghost ring sights. The Benelli has some sharp edges that while loading will slice you up, that have to be deburred. Keep a shot barrel on it for the house and a long barrel for hunting.
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  13. I like the 20 gauge . . .

    and it can be uploaded to higher power.

    The normal 20 gauge loadings are light on the shoulder (recoil)
    and a 20 gauge 870 is light and handy.

    The 870 does come in several grades so I advise you to
    go to to study several variants.

    Good luck and good shooting
  14. Midas

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    3" Magnum 00 Buck has always been my favorite
  15. I have 3" #1, 12ga. handy that I hope I never have to use...I prefer my pistol, which would'nt be as messy...A.H
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    I leave my shotguns unloaded and in a safe or in the rack.I depend on a handgun,which is easier to handle at short range.If I did use a shotgun,if I had to worry about anything beyond the target,I would use light shot and if not,I would use slugs/00. sam.
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    The 870 pump in either the Wingmaster or the Express are fine guns. You can't go wrong with either. For hunting as well as home defense I would get it in 12 ga. because of so many different ammo options the 12 ga. will do anything the 20 ga. will and some things that it won't. Oh yes, welcome to G&G. We have a lot of great folks here. Enjoy the site.
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    3in #4 and #1 buck, depending on which box a grabbed to reload after the most recent range trip and cleaning scession. They both pattern tightly out of my 20in mossy
    and have the same poi
  19. I load my 12 with first two loads of 8 shot and then two rounds of #4 buck or 00 buck. Depeding on what is around.
  20. Burningtree_83

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    Thanks for the info guys, I'll let you know what I get when I make up my mind. I think I'll try out some of my buddies shot guns and let that help determine what choice as far as gauge goes, what about a 16gauge.? I made up my mind on a 870. maybe I'l get a h&r pump for the hell of it.