How Dogs and Women are Alike

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by neophyte, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. neophyte

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    Both are good at prentending that they are listening to every word you say.
    Both can eat 5lbs. of chocolate in one sitting
    Both constantly want back-rubs
    Both look good in Fur Coats
    Both look stupid in Hats
    Both put too much value in kissing
    Both tend to have "hip" problems
    neither believe silence is golden
    Neither can balance a check book
    Neither understand football
    You can never tell what either of them is thinking:09:

    How Women are Better than Dogs

    It is socially acceptable to have sexual relations with a woman
    Though they have only two, women's breast are far more interesting
    Women leave the room to "fart"
    Women look good in sweaters
  2. lol you forgot that both can just glare at you silently or just never shut up!

  3. sc928porsche

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    You are in sooooooooooooo much trouble! Glad its you and not me!!!!!!!
  4. neophyte

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    I shouldn't have brought this un out from under the rock:hitwithrock:

    Dug myself a big hole:34:
  5. CalifgirlinOk

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    WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY ????.............LOL..:09:
  6. lorcin25

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    I'm staying away from this one......
  7. She's readin' over my shoulder,,, Sooo, I'll not touch it.
  8. Big Dog

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    Where a woman is better than a dog....

    She can drive you home when you are drunk.

    Where the dog is better than the woman....

    He is still happy to see you when you come home drunk!

  9. Muddog

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    Where the dog is better

    You can out and play with other dogs and not get in trouble for it

    You can throw something of theirs and they will go get and want you to do it again