How far are you willing to go to survive?

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  1. I am curious to know how far would you go to keep your yourself and your family alive in an SHTF situation? Would you be willing to take supplies by force from someone weaker than you? Could you take by force someone else's water knowing it would probably kill them? Would you kill someone outright for their supplies? I've often wondered in the past what i would do if my supplies were exhausted and I was unable to procure food by hunting and my family was staving. I generally think I'd do WHATEVER is needed to sustain my family.

    This is probably only an academic exercise as generally people like us will have supplies long after most people, But I think it would still be interesting to find out.
  2. big shrek

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    In SHTF, nope to all of the above.

    In TETOWAKI/Zombie Hordes...possibly.

  3. I would go so far away from people I could'nt possible take someone else provishion's.

    To say it another way I would not harm,hurt kill anyone for there food and water or what ever they had I needed.

    I would even share what I have if anyone was where I would go and I do have a place to go.
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    It really depends on the situation. I don't have children so I think there are things I would not do. Even if we were starving I don't think I could condemn others to die for our survival, nor could my wife. However if we had children I would be willing to bet we would do anything needed to keep them alive.
  5. I have a place to go as well. Game is plentiful and I have near unlimited sources of water (Hand pump well, as well as being less than a mile from the Mississippi river). Plus this Northern Minnesota (very remote) and the land of 10,000 lakes. Unlimited heating fuel, Basically unlimited ammo supply. I would also assist, others if I could. What I referring to was a situation where everything goes to crap and you are out of options. I suppose I should have used TEOTWAWKI instead of SHTF, in that there is no end in sight and things are likely to get worse before they get better.

  6. .22guy

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    Don't know what I would do in that situation. That being said, if I was desperate, I can't without a doubt say I wouldn't.
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    You'll never convince me there will be:
    No drinkable water.
    No fish.
    No insect life.
    No game.
    No mushrooms.
    No cattails, lambs quarters, amarinth, orach, other forage, etc.
    Not enough between all the above that I can't eat at least fairly well and feed my family.

    If all the above are gone, we're all doomed.

    So the answer is NO.

    If you're in a situation where you need to become a "predator".... You have FAILED and will die in the manner you deserve.
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  8. +1
    It is our responsibility to help those that we can. I know this isn't a religious forum, but I can't help but put my religious views into this question. There is no way I could turn someone down that needed help. What about the Old Testament story of the widow who accepted Elijah into her home? She shared what was going to be her and her son's last meal with a stranger. As a result, God blessed. And if for some reason He doesn't, this world isn't the end. I'd have to look out for my family, but I'm not going to resort to harming others to do. I will harm others looking to harm my family, but I will not go down to their level.
  9. Thank you Tap ! You know, I have been giveing offerings to organization that feed hungry people for years plus someothers ones dear to me.

    I figure if Gods word is true he'll take care of me and who are with me if a day comes when a disasters strikes.

    If we do die, only the flesh dies but the sprit will live on for an eternity in heaven where we want have the problems this old world has.
  10. Spooky.45

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    id do whatever it takes to keep my family safe, that being said i think in a true shtf situation my moral compass would go out the window, yes i would try to help others but me and mine come first.sounds selfish i know
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  11. Well,

    I suggest all of you survivalists get a history book and read what the people of Leningrad did to eat during the second world war.

    It will not be about having cans of beans or whatever stored hither and yon.

    It will be about surviving in a world with millions of desperate humans doing anything for food.
  12. oldjarhead

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    There will be enough of the "enemy" who will be carrying food, water, and ammo that you shouldn't need to kill your friends for the supplies they have. I will kill to protect my own supplies from the riff-raff who will be trying to do exactly what you are asking.
    It's best to have a small group to work with during such a scenerio.
  13. Dragunov

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    There could be millions of people on this planet.... Perhaps even up to two billion, and you may never see them. (This is a big planet). Leningrad was a contained area, surrounded by enemy forces. Of course food will run out. The planet will not. there will always be something to eat. You just need to know what and where to get it. If SHTF, this country and western Europe will suffer the most. Third world countries will do better as they are used to living SHTF. We are not.

    If you can survive six months in SHTF, you'll see AT LEAST two thirds of this countries people die. the fifty to 75 million million left will have a less difficult time and will be a better "quality" people (Morally, ethically, etc.).
  14. 99dragon99

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    That depends on the SHTF situation and WHO I am taking food from.

    I fully believe in strength in numbers. I would try to organize everyone to gather food. I would look to find sustenance without taking it from someone else.

    Now if some foreign power (for example) caused the SHTF situation and they are the reason for me being without food... well... no worries, I would definitely use bullets to sustain me and my family.

    But I wouldn't shoot the old lady down the street just because I'm hungry. I would promise her on going support and protection if she shares her stores.
  15. larmus

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    +100 to what drag is saying, there is enough out there to sustain... in a true shtf or teotwawki senerio that encompasses the planet where millions die off, there will be a precentage of the populance that will be better equiped and have a better mind set as to how to rebuild this land. me im all for an coperative/farming world where everyone helps everyone and we barter for goods and services... srry i digress...
  16. Dutch

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    I think most of you are seriously underestimating the sheer amount of trucked in food it takes to keep a city fed every day. If the trucks stop running, everyone still in the city is going to get very desperate very fast.

    Assuming you are going to stay in the city, I see 1 chance for survival. A group of individuals with both the necessary skill to obtain food, and the strength to keep it. Whether this means seizing a distribution center (a harbor city would be ideal for this), or getting crops and livestock immediately, you have to be able to hold on to it. You also need to understand, and have the fortitude to enforce the idea, that if you give away your breeding stock and/or seed plants to those less fortunate then you, your group will have no food next spring.

    I appreciate the mindset of helping your fellow people. However, if they are the survival equivalent of the loser who won't put down the video camera in horror movies (useless baggage) then you simply can not give away your supplies. However, if someone has the potential to do anything for your group, even just having a strong back and the desire to work, then they are a potential asset.
  17. I think it really depends on the situation and how bad it is. If its all out all electronics gone down and back in the stone age and its dog eat dog, Im not going to go after my nextdoor neighbor but if any one, i meen any one tries to come and take whats mine (food, ammo, wood for heat any thing) He will not make it out of this house or off my property. There are ways to survive without taking other peopls provisions. Hell they did fine by them selves back when they were moving into the west and had homesteads way out in the middle of no where. True they did prepare for it ,but if we prepare we too can be ready for such an event.

    But as was stated farther above, there is security in groups. If you can get your neighbors together or other family members and build a groop and have armed people on watch 24-7 then your chances are alot higher than alone.

    I will say this though, I will not let my kids starve to death. I would find a way to feed them. But like I said before I think the situation would have an impact on how I would act.
  18. grizcty

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    As I have said many times, in previous posts.
    It is YOUR responsibility, to be prepared.
    Not the governments!

    They say that NYC, only has a 3-4 day supply of food on hand.
    Which means, most folks who live in major cities.
    Will be dead, with in a month.
    As they will not be able to leave.
    Or have, a safer place to go to.

    If this was ever to happen.
    I will be defending, MY family & supplies.
    And leaving/putting my demise, in Gods hands.
  19. Wild West

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    There are few food distribution areas in the country. Gangs already control the streets around them and would control the food. Most food in grocery stores need to be resupplied every 3 days. 10 days out in a shtf sit would see a lot of people scrounging for water and food. It would be ugly. A lot talk about bug out to the mtn and live off game. Well there are already people that live there and have the same plan. They wont like it if a bunch of people come to get their game, as they see it. The gangs are armed and already use them so you would have to have a good bunch of battle warriors to take them out. You would have to have a very good plan to keep it as well. 12 mil illegals here with nothing left to lose that live with 15 others in a house and are armed would be a ready made army. Tough to deal with. We have a thought of , well most people would be pretty decent and really not go out to shoot other people , just live and let live. I think you have to have the mind set of trust no one you dont know and be ready for anything.
  20. A point about food

    I once attended a seminar on distribution.

    At any one time in America there is only enough food in the supply chain for three days.

    Think about what you would face in a massive survival mode.

    Remember, there will be equally or more heavily armed seekers of food out there.