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    i read a manual on the ak47. They say that a sodier should be able to assemble his ak in under a minute. ( blind folded)so lets be honest and take the challenge. i never tried it yet. but i will tonight . I don't know about doing it under a minute though.
  2. Not way.

    I will admit I couldn't reassemble the bolt/gas piston rod, recoil spring and cover in less than a minute.

    Then again I haven't practiced it.

    I look at it this a fire fight if it malfunctions to the point of taking it down that far then I'm trashing it (and picking up a back up) 'cause likely there's nothing I can do to repair it in the field, lol.

    H e l l, I doubt if I could take it apart that far in less than a minute..........well, maybe I could....heck, I don't know :)

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    i hear ya Dale . one minute is very fast to me too. but i'm couriose
    to see what time i can get it at. and to me if you'er ak ever jammed to the point that you have to strip itin battle It must have some really bad problems. i have fired about 1000 rounds though mine and not one jam yet. but then again i clean it even when it is not dirty.and i'm always taking it down to change the design on the wood parts . but knock on wood it has never given me a problem. (yet).
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    How thoroughly would you take it down? Takeing apart my G3 takes some wiggling, but I think I can assemble it in well under a minute. That is, without removing the bolt from the bolt carrier.
  5. I can remember when I was in the Army we all assemlbed in the main classroom and field stripped our M14s.

    I can't remember the time limit required now, but they turned out the lights and at the end of the time limit, turned the lights back on. Very few had accomplished the task.

    We did that all day, it seemed. Maybe less, I'm not sure.

    At the end of the day there were more that could do it. But, not everyone. I can't even remember if I was succesful or not.

    I realize every gun is different. Some have more to remove than others when field stripped.

    With the Ak 47 I see two obstacles the most challenging when doing it in the dark:

    1. Getting the recoil spring in the stop guide at the rear of the receiver.

    2. Getting the front of the receiver cover in the notch, under the rear sight) just right so that it will close properly.

    Good luck Tommy.
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    If stripping an M14 is anything like a Garand, it's hard enough doing in daylight. One time I put something in in a different order that seemed to work until the bolt wouldn't go all the way back and the clip release wouldn't move. Took me forever to figure out what was wrong. I watched someone strip an AK once and have been able to do it since. Not sure if I could do it in the dark. I could probably do my G3 in the dark. Not sure about my SKS.
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    i would think the parts they are talking about are. The bolt carrier/
    recoil spring / top cover/ upper foregrip. i think. to me that is all that is needed to be taken down for a jam and field cleaning. going to try it and see.
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    I'm pretty recentally out of the military, we had to reassemble out M-16's in under a minute in boot camp. Pretty easy for an M-16.
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    I can do it with the lights on but I'll try to do it with the lights off.

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    So, how fast are you?