how good is your tracking hound

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  1. cjleete

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    Ramsey can smell a tin of sardines opening a mile away 55897_1627917147203_3512847_o.jpg
  2. poltiregist

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    I trailed a deer today that was shot with a crossbow . We used my bloodhound . It was about a two mile tracking job in steep mountainous terrain . The hound found our quarry " a nice eight point shot by my daughter . " .
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    Dindonuffin 23 a.jpg

    Duke here used to be a professional. Main job was bird dog'n but he could find wounded deer like nobody's business to. People would call to bring him to help find 'em.

    Haven't needed that for a couple years. I'm not sure he could still do it or not, he is getting up there and can't see or hear too good any more.
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    Aurora had supposedly been trained as a search & rescue dog when I adopted her.
    She is very well behaved and responsive to commands when on leash.
    She also is a super watch dog (very different for a husky) and I rely on her to watch over my mom when I'm not home.

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  5. poltiregist

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    It appears my survival group now has a proven and tested second trailing dog . This morning we had a guest join our survival group . A beautiful young lady that came out the swamps of Louisiana to camp and hunt . She made a bad hit with her bow so a bulldog was brought in to trail the deer . The dog was allowed to trail unleashed . As earlier this week the trail went through rugged mountainous terrain . The Louisiana woman used to run track but was unused to such terrain . She became so exhausted she vomited from the rigorous chase . The bulldog after a one mile chase caught and flipped the deer to the ground and kept it there until the humans could catch up . --- That makes two deer this week trailed down using a dog one with my bloodhound and one with a bulldog . One of my survival members is hoping to buy another freezer tomorrow for the deer meat as our other freezers are full . --- We are preparing for a food chain collapse over the next months .
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