How hot is that bullet?

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  1. Scientists at Indigo Systems tested a rapid IR camera used for temperature measurements by firing 5.56 mm NATO rounds and picking up the bullet image as it emerges from the cloud of hot gas at the muzzle at ~3050 fps: result is a bullet temperature of 267 degrees C (513 degrees F). Published in June 2002 R&D Magazine. Interesting trivia, I guess.
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    Fred I've often wondered that same thing, I always figured is wouldn't be too hot at least in pistol bullets, since the lead doesn't melt, but I'd buy it in a .223. Thanks for the info.

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    This is why Sierra blitz, and Hornady SX bullets(in .224 dia.) were only rated to 3500 fps. When shot out of a 22-250 or 220 swift the cores would liquify in flight and if the bore was rough the jacket could split and come apart in flight creating a blue streak that never reached the target. Pushed hard enough they all will come apart but a rifle with a smooth bore will leave the jacket a little stronger because it dosen't engrave it as deep.