how i got out of 2 bad speeding tickets when i was much younger

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  1. Cattman

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    just thought of this and maybe their is some humor in it for you guys and gals. back in the 70/s i was going around 90 in my little ford and got pulled over. it was between bismark and minot n.dak. their was a heavy ticket coming. i even admitted how fast i was going. when the officer got out his book to write me the ticket at that same moment his car started on fire. fire and smoke was pouring out from under the hood of it. he looked at me and said, dont ever do that again and run back to his car and headed for town that was about 2 miles south of their. smoke and fire pouring out from under the hood as he was driving away. i just stood their and then continued on my way at a better speed. the second incident i took a trip to wyoming from nebraska. as i went through a town over their i was going too fast and got pulled over. this guy was mean looking and enjoying getting his book out to write me a big ticket. just as he got his book out and put the pen to it we both heard a very loud crash. behind me about a block their was a bad auto accident. again he looked at me and said dont do that again i have to go. from then on i drove a little slower. now i drive like a slow old man. has anybody else had weird things like that happen to them? i didnt need a third incident to get my attention, 2 was enough.
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    a couple years ago I was in the old beat up work truck I had at the time. I was going too fast and in my rear view mirror, I saw a Deputy going the opposite direction hung a U turn and put on his lights. I pulled over and waited for him. after taking my license back to his car and running my info, he comes back and says "good news. you have a valid drivers license and no warrants." (rare in these parts with someone driving a truck that looked like mine:rolleyes:) "tell you what I'm gonna do, instead of a speeding ticket, (points) I'm just going to give you a ticket for not obeying a traffic sign." ( the speed limit sign. it carried a small fine & traffic school but no points on the license) considering how fast I was going, I thought I got a good break.
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    • thanks, you made his day in a good way.
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    Over a thirteen year period, I was driving around 200,000 mile a year on a sales/delivery route. I figure I got pulled over on an average of 4 times a year. I probably received a ticket 15/20% of the time. Why? Best example. I was driving on a rural, 2 lane highway with a 65 MPH speed limit. I rocketing on about 85/90 MPH(headed home after a three day trip), when I saw a Highway Patrol coming towards me. I glanced down at the speedometer and immediately pulled over on to the shoulder. The hypo hadn't had time to turn around. I met him at the back of my van, this was before they started demanding you stay in the vehicle, with DL and insurance in my hand. When he asked me if I knew why he stopped me, I said well I was going a little over the limit. We talked for a few minutes explaining where I was headed. He looked at me and said, I am just going to issue you a warning. slow down and take it easy. 80% of my stops went that way. Honesty and courtesy go a long way toward mitigating the punishment.
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    I have never had anything like that happen to me. What you experienced Ii have seen on those highway patrol shows a few times though. Many years ago I was driving in my service van on this four lane highway heading to the interstate'. I crested over this hill and there were several state police doing a speed trap. They already had a line of customers pulled over. One officer pulled me over. Asked for license and registration. After a few minutes he comes back to me and no ticket book. He said I have a clean record and he said he lived in my neighborhood. He said that he is letting me go. Then he said one other thing.... Your license expired almost two months ago. Apparently I didnt realize it and the reminder letter from MVA went to my old address he said. He said to get them renewed quick. What a lucky day for me.
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  6. PaleHawkDown

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    The first time I was ever pulled over

    There was a long, windy road from the junior college I was attending that doubled as a shortcut to I-65. I-65 would take me straight to where I worked.

    My first serious girlfriend also happened to live just off that windy road. This comes in later.

    Anyway, this road had very few outlets and even less traffic at that time of day, so every day I tried to set a new speed record.

    I was doing about 120 when I passed one of those few outlets. The speed limit on that particular chunk of road was 45. I knew I wasn't just going to get a ticket, but I was probably going to jail.

    My entire life flashed in front of my eyes. That girlfriend had just broken up with me a couple of days before. The outlet I spotted the cop on was the shortcut to her house.
    I don't know why, but in my head this was going to be jail time. A record was going to ruin my life. I had just lost the "love of my life," she was right down the road, and with a criminal record I might never be able to meet someone again, and have kids, and finish college, and my car was going to be towed, and my parents would disown me, and I was going to lose my job, and...

    ...I was brought up in the "men don't cry" mentality. I can count on my fingers the number of times I have cried after age 8...

    ...I pulled over to the side of the road and by the time the cop got to my window I was ugly crying with snot bubbles coming out of my nose and all.

    The cop took one look at me and something seemed to snap in him too. He went from angry straight into concerned parent mode.

    He asked if I was OK.

    I blasted him with all my incoherent, rambling thoughts.

    "Have you ever been pulled over before," was his only response.

    "<SNIFF> No <snort> sir."

    "Do you think you can be more careful?"

    "<Snork> Yes, sir."

    "Look, things will get better. I didn't even catch you on the radar you went by so fast. I do know I had to get up to 85 to catch you before I saw you pulled over. As long as you don't tell me how fast you think you were going when I ask this next question, I'm just going to have to let you go. Do. You. Under. Stand?"

    "<Sniff>, Uh, yes sir."

    "How fast do you think you were going?"


    And with that, he gave me a warning, patted me on the shoulder, and sent me on my way.
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  7. rando

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    Its nice when a cop can put themselves in our shoes and understand how we are feeling. Also consider what we are going through at that time. Glad it all went well back then at least with the cop.
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  8. mitchr

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    Politeness can go a long way. I figure I've missed getting traffic tickets 4 times, because of it. None of them were serious violations, so maybe they just happened to be in a good mood those times. :p
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  9. Dutch

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    Literally get a ticket every time I go 5 over. No idea why. I just don't speed anymore.
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  10. old bones

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    While NOT driving a truck I have been pulled over twice for speeding. In both instances I was given a verbal warning because I possessed a CDL and the officer didn't want to put a mark on my clean license...
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  11. PaleHawkDown

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    My best friend's mom once got a ticket for "reckless driving" for going five over. The end of Carson Road in Birmingham has four steep hills on it and the speed limit used to be 15 mph. The thing is, due to the steepness of those hills, it was nearly impossible to do 15 on them. Going down you pretty much had to ride the brakes almost to the point of locking them to even get down to 15 (and in one of my vehicles my only choices were "stopped on side of hill" or 20mph, so I began taking the long way). Going back up, particularly in a crappy older car, meant you had to poke along up the hill under a lot of strain in 1st gear, and you were going into that hill without enough forward momentum, meaning you practically stopped for a second.

    Everyone drove around 20-25 on that chunk because it was safer and less damaging to your car. In some vehicles, like mine, 15 wasn't even achievable.

    Birmingham started setting up a speed trap there and she was among the first caught. She got a reckless ticket for going more than 20% above the posted speed limit.
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  12. mitchr

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    A small community just south of where we lived had set up a speed trap that pretty well supported their police force. After enough complaints, the Texas Rangers got involved & when the dust settled, the whole police force had been fired!:p
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  13. I got out of a speeding ticket purely by distracting the cop. And it was a darn good thing because could have gotten me on weapons charges, too.

    I was heading home from an SCA event, still wearing a bodice that took my waist in 4 inches and put the "girls" front and center over a sheer chemise, a hoop skirt and petticoat. My overskirt and belt with a pouch and knife were sitting on the passenger seat when I accidentally tore through a speed trap on I-84 in CT. I knew it was a favorite spot for the troopers to get people because heading east you were heading downhill and around a long bend.

    The minute I came around the bend I knew I was toast because I was doing 80 in a 55 zone. One of the troopers hit his lights, I promptly pulled over, got my license, registration and insurance out and rested my hands on the wheel. What I didn't expect was a young officer, and that's when my "blonde ditz" brain cell kicked into gear. I fussed, fluttered my hands and babbled at him, drew multiple deep breaths, apologized and promised not to speed, turning his brain into mush. He never even got his ticket book out or asked any questions. He just shook his head and walked off in a daze.

    And that's when I realized I had my double edged bodice knife tucked into my cleavage. At the time, unless it was a hunting or kitchen knife, anything over 4" long or double edged was illegal. My bodice knife is both of
  14. old bones

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  15. don5544

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    This goes back to 1973. I had a GTO Judge. One Sunday morning I got to the light at the end of my street. Light turned green and I let it run. Just flying to church. I was parking in the church parking lot wearing a suit. Flying around the corner comes PD. They see me and come screaming into the lot. I just parked and turned the engine off. He comes up to me and asks if I’d seen him. I truthfully answered no. He explained that he couldn’t keep up with me. I didn’t even get a warning. Seems going to church was my get out of jail card.
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  16. It was the first and only time I've ever been stopped for speeding. That doesn't mean I don't speed, I just don't get stopped :D
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  17. Cattman

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    my youngest daughter and my wife just start crying if they get stopped. usually works.
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  18. mdj696

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    I was sitting n the side of the road one day, bored, and a car went by with a student driver sigh on the roof, young girl driving. I pulled the car over, walked up to drivers window and instructor in passenger seat kept asking officer what did she do wrong? Told him I'll be right t back. Sat in my car for about a minute and returned to driver. He asked again what she did wrong. I told him nothing, I just wanted to show her what to do if she ever got pulled over by the police. He cracked up.
    One Sunday morning parked on an entrance ramp to I-285 reading Sunday paper, a car came under the interstate bridge going so fast I didn't even hear him coming. Coffee out the window, news paper on the floor, I took off, knowing my Crown Vic couldn't touch him.He happened to to get off at nest exit and stopped for the traffic light, giving me time to catch up. Light turned green and he made a slow left turn. Got is paper license. 16 years old, had them for one week. Long story short, "Son I was sitting on the entrance ramp when you came under the bridge, just how fast do you think you were going? Officer, it was reading 160 mph. Fancy Porsche, his uncles car. Wrote him up 100 plus in a 55 mph zone. Juvenile lived in next county over. I'm sure neither one of us will ever forget it.
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  19. OneShotKill

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    Well, when I was a young cop, I worked in a suburb which was basically just clubs and strip joints along the street bordering a major city. Lots of fights and drunks so we often rode 2 to a car on holiday weekends. Late one Saturday night a new orange Camero comes zipping by. I was riding with the young chief, he went to the driver and I went to the right rear of the vehicle where I could shine a light into the dark tinted windshield. There were 4 girls in the car, the young lady explains that it was her birthday and she and her friends were out celebrating, I think they were all under age, high school girls, too young to drink and definitely too young to be in this bad neighborhood.

    So, we ran the tag (new paper tag) to make sure it was not stolen, warrants or whatever and all was well. Gary pulled out his ticket book and proceeded to write her a ticket. She gets excited and say something like, "you are not actually going to write me a ticket on my birthday are you? He keeps writing, and I see her moving around. She opens her shirt to display her very large perky breasts, and he keeps writing. Then she says, "well what do you say to these?" He smiles big, tears out the ticket and says, "well, happy birthday".

    So, as they drive away, I said something and his comment was she was driving out of control, a rich kid who could kill somebody some day. She will remember this day and her daddy will now know about it and will remind her for a long time. Some people just need a ticket.
  20. old bones

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    " very large and perky ". Wonderful qualities for a woman...
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