How I spent my Memorial Day Weekend

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  1. I spent my Memorial Day weekend doing my job as a Safety Supervisor. Here's the project for the weekend I was involved with.

    [ame=]YouTube - Twin Towers Implodes[/ame]
  2. Seabeescotty

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    Quite a job you have! Was that done specifically for Memorial Day?

  3. .22hustler

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    I spent my day putting flowers and flags on my dad's, grandpa's, and uncles graves. WWI and WWII combat veterans.. Some day someone will do the same for me. The rest of my families graces are out of state and I couldn't get to them. My family has over one hundred years total service to our country,WWI, WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam.
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    We spent ours at three hospitals,well,two hospitals and one rehab.
    At one hospital one of our best friends is recovering from colin cancer operation,and has a lung cancer in remission.
    In another hospital her husband a dieing from cancer of the esophigus,maybe a couple of weeks to live.
    And in rehab is my brother getting rehabilitated from a massive escimic stroke,one caused by a clot.
    We wore our lapel flag pins,and as always flew our flag.
    I hope this is not too political.:unitedstates:
  5. I played video games, BBQ'd, and started refinishing a shotgun stock. Is that stuff still allowed, too?:)
  6. I stayed at home with the family and watched the kids play on the slip and slide,pitching fast balls, pulling weeds in the garden with mom. Smoked a pig, made home made collards with roasted corn. Something I havent been able to do for awhile. I've been away from the family for 4 months and just got back with them so it was a god sent pleasure for me.
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    :)I went to a Memoral cerimony at the [ark in Big Bear, Ca Very nice.
    How can I sign up to push the button on the next job & make it go Boooom.
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    I love those timed detonations in sequence !!! Good job !
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    I want to blow something up too..! That looks fun to me.. :)
  10. I spent Memorial Day working 3rd shift... catching a few old classic war movies, visited the cemetery with a Marine friend then going back to work that same night.

    ... it must have been nice to get the day off BUT I'll stop complaining about that. We all need to remember those who are overseas and in this country who are in uniform. God knows they seldom get any time off... never mind a day or the entire weekend.
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    I spent the day cooking and being a one wagon, wagon train attacked by little indians! Its hard to circle em up when just got the one, LOL!
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    I spent Saturday doing laundry and house work - I'm single - no Mrs. 'Dog here.
    Spent Sunday at my riding buddy's house, helping with the wrenching on his KLR, trying to ready him for his upcoming epic ride from North Florida to Utah and back. Did a few things on my bike too.
    Spent Monday morning mowing my lawn, then went to my buddy's place again to have Memorial Day Dinner with his family. We chowed on Buffalo Burgers home-grilled, superb sweet corn on the cob, a shrimp platter, and finished with chocolate cake with Bluebell Icecream. Yum.... Yum!!! :)