how many laws did this guy break?

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    ok,i left my house this morning and drove about four blocks to the post office to mail some bills,i did that then turned out of the post office and was going to turn right at the stop sign but this old truck pulled into the middle of the road where i couldnt pass,i motioned to let him know i was turning that way and he gets out of his truck and im thinkin,"well i guess my blinker burnt out again and hes gonna tell me....well he got over to my window and heres the conversation....he said his name and i shook his hand and told him mine and he said..."i seen you pulling out of that house back there and i need to see your drivers liscense!" i said what? he said you need to show me your i.d.! i said "look i appreciate your concern but thats my house and i dont need to prove it to anyone! and who the he'll are you? he said well im a reserve deputy sheriff and give me your i.d.! i said look,i dont know you from adam and if your a deputy you need to show me YOUR i.d.!!!! he got all mad and shoved his hand in the pocket of his filthy camo pants and dug out abn old wallet and flipped a card out for only a second,and shoved it back in and said "THERE! now give me your i.d. or its a felony against you RIGHT NOW!" i said look i didnt see any name on that card can i see it again? he said "why dont you wanna gimme your i.d?...i bet youve been in trouble wityh the law alot huh?...i said NO! NEVER! i just dont think your a cop ! so he kept insisting and i showed it to him and he shoved it back in my hand and then a made him give me his name and badge number and he said i dont know why your acting like such a but-hole trhen! and stomped off to his truck and left! after i found a parking spot on the highway and called the sheriff. trhey said that the guy has been retired for years and has no bussiness pulling anyone over! the sheriff apologized and said he would make the guy come to my house and apologize in person. i said i didnt want him on my property and that they should give the guy a lesson on the constitution!...i told theb sheriff that i was sure her had the best of intentions but the guy had no right detaining me!....he aqreed and ke[t apologizing for the department and the guy and gave me his (the sheriffs) home number if anything else question is how many laws did this jerk break on my head today and how many of my constitutional rights were violated? im no law student but im sure some here are.....thanks for listening just flat hacked off!.....mark
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    Well since he is retired and no longer represents any law enforcement I think things are different. Not saying that he had any right to detain you as a citizen but I would think it would be more along the lines of a harassment case. If I were you I would seriously think about filing a complaint at the station to get it on record. Maybe even a restraining order since this nut case knows where you live. Maybe this might knock some sense into super ex-cop there. Depending where you live blocking someones car in and coming at them without identifying yourself in an aggressive manor is a good way to end up staring down the business end of a pistol or at the very least a good shot in the head. If anyone was to come rolling up on me just like your described it would have been a very short conversation. It sounds like this guy might need to either be spanked reminded he is no longer on the job. He is going to end up shot dead if he does that sort of thing regularly


  3. impersonating an officer? illegal detention under false authority? guy seems to be setting himself for prosecution, both legal and civil.... (but i'm no lawyer, not even a jailhouse one).... sounds like he might be a little weak minded....
  4. grizcty

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    Depends on what he retired from, and his authority granted as a Reserve Officer.

    Some LEO still have full authority, after retirement.
    And also do some active Reserve Officers.
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    nope, from what they told me on the phone he is no longer even a reserve officer! the sheriff told me "he still goes to classes with the reserve but has not been on the roster in a long timeand has no right to pull anyone over."...what classes ?idunno? thats just what he said.
  6. whirlwind

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    oh and from what ive been told,reserve deputies here cant pull anyone over unless their with a regular deputy.
  7. 9mmXDm

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    In any event, go to the local police station get it on FILE. Go the local Sheriffs office and get it on FILE.

    I would also put a restraining order against him.

    I would think he was impersonating a police officer or Sheriffs deputy. It sounds like he has no authority period. False detaining as he didn't give you any reason he was keeping you.

    I'd make a big stink about it because people like him make good cops, etc... look bad.
  8. whirlwind

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    honestly, i was just gonna blow it off,i dont want to cast the sheriffs dept in a bad light,heck my son in law is a real deputy that works at the jail! but the more i think about this the more mad it makes me. his whole reason for blocking me he said was he say me backing out of my house! holy crap!....i really appreciate what the cops around here have to put up with,but i dont break laws,never have,and i mind my own business,and i raise my two daughters by myself . and all i did was leave my friggin house! and get stopped by a guy in a beat up pick up in street clothes and asked for my i.d. !.....i just dont know, im gonna have to think on this.
  9. 9mmXDm

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    Get the book thrown at him. He deserves it BIG TIME.
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    He sounds nutty....
  11. I would file a restraining order and file harrassment charges. This guy thinks that because he "use to be" a cop that he still is. I would also go after him for posing as a police officer when he is no longer one. That Sheriff at the Sheriffs department is covering for this guy. I am sure if it was YOU had tried what he did you would be sitting in jail right now.
  12. .22hustler

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    Hang the SOB. He just gave LEO's another black eye, which they don't need ,want, or deserve.....
  13. Tracer

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    They seem to know all about his BS yet they haven't done anything about it ??????
    seems strange...
  14. whirlwind

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    thanks alot guys for your input. i really appreciate it. im going to make some calls today to my lawyer first.
  15. Alan Duke

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    Get it on file. What if this guy does it again and it turns out bad? He needs a jacket put on him. The courts are more apt to come down on him if he has a history of such behavior. As a former Deputy myself, it chaps my hide that there are guys out there like this making the rest of the LEOs look bad.
  16. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    it would seem apparent to me that the Sheriff's dept needs to take this man aside and explain to him just what his position is, if nothing else. This is going to lead to a call someday where something gets out of hand with this guy. I would definetly contact my lawyer regarding this because if this guy goes off the deep end, you will have done your part as far as a legal notification to all. Then you will have done all you can do, and will have less regret if someone gets hurt over this guy's actions.
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    Being a female, I am not so sure I wouldn't have had my gun out had a strange person like that walked up to my truck. That is just really weird and the sheriff needs to put a stop to it. I am sorry if he is nutty, but what he did was just wrong. I don't pull over for anyone unless the car is identifiable as law enforcement. I'd have called the sheriff right there when he was detaining me.
  18. Huey Rider

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    I'd have dialed 911 right then and there, especially since he didn't provide sufficiant proof he was LEO and he was in an old pick up and street clothes. I'd have had my gun drawn and placed inconspicuasly but strategicly at hand.
  19. Cyrano

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    New York
    Whirlwind, this fellow sounds like either a serious nutbar, in which case you need to file a complaint (you can always withdraw it after the Sheriff reads the riot act to the guy, although I'd leave it on the record, myself, just in case); or he may be in the early stages of Alzheimers. If that's the case, he needs to be seen to by Social Services doctors and the Sheriff needs to watch the guy.

    Either way, he could be arrested for impersonating a police officer and they send people to jail for that. Watch your rearview mirror, and watch your back.
  20. Pope130

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    I'd certainly get this incident into the written record. Even if you have no trouble in the future it could be important to some other innocent person.

    If this clown pulls someone over who thinks he's a bad guy, and feels threatened, they may use force to defend themselves. A prior complaint documenting his behaviour could go a long way toward providing the citizen with a defense.

    If you don't want to make a formal complaint you should at least make a notarized deposition.