How many of you use wads vs crisco or bore butter?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by dgray64, May 5, 2008.

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    I have been using crisco on top of my balls to prevent chain fire and for lube, but that is the worst part of reloading....messy, slippery. I have been planning to try some wads, but haven't wanted to pay the shipping and handling for just them and that's all I need right now. Will the wad prevent chain fire and provide enough lube for the balls? Thanks for the input.

    Dave :feedback:
  2. Idaho Dave

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    I use wads quite often, more often then I do just bore butter. you can use them like powder-wad-ball-wad if you want that way you are pushing a lubbed wad down the barrel infront of the ball, this is good if you are going to be carrying the gun around for a while before shooting it. they do prevent chain fire and the lub works fine, however, even thought the ones I buy are pre-lubed I often use just a smig of bore butter to help hold them in place if I put them on after the ball to cap the hole. I can understand not wanting to pay shipping and handeling on just wads but they should be avalible at any sporting goods store around you. I think I pay about 3 dollars for 100. Incidently I have never had a chain fire, but I have seen one. a buddy of mine was using bore butter on a hot day and fired 2 shots from his 44. the heat of the day combined with the heat from firing the gun had melted the bore butter and it was leaking out. he fired another shot and as he lowered the gun to talk I saw smoke still coming from the cylinder. before I could say anything the next chamber had discharged. fortunatly no one was injured in the incident, however, the firearm frame was damaged beyond repair.

  3. I have used Wonder Wads for almost 15 years now. I have never experienced a chainfire when using these wads. I have given up on over-the-ball grease and use the under-the-ball wads exclusively.
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    I havent been useing any lube or grease.

    In 1989 I bought a EMF 1860 colt/clone as a cased set, I havent had one single problem yet with multi detonations/chain fire from not useing grease or wads, I use only .457 Hornaday swaged round balls over powder without a hitch it leaves a healthy ring of lead when ramming the balls home, I had used .454 balls before but had them work loose and come forward while fireing I stopped useing them from then on, I traded them off for some CCI #11 caps as at the time I was makeing my own percussion caps from side of pop can's, a paper punch & home hade swageing block and kids paper caps.
    I also use the round balls in a .45-70Govt Rem Rollingblock/clone, very accurate and wicked on rabbits!
  5. I use either crisco or at the range goop hand cleaner(non-abrasive) It seems to help in cleaning later.
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    Thanks guys. I really enjoy shooting my front end loaders, but never enjoyed the mess of crisco. I think I'll try some wonder wads, and I also think I'll try some GoJo since I have some and that would not leave a greasy mess everywhere. Thanks for the tips.

    Dave :09::09:
  7. don't use the kind that is abrasive.
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    Try Joe's hand cleaner, it smells like banana candy.:D
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    I use Kiwi-brand Mink Oil paste in the flat can. Works great, doesn't get runny in the Florida summer heat like Crisco, and smells good (important, as any lube will get all over your stuff!).
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    How 'bout duck butter? :p
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    The Mountain Man guys use "Moose Milk" for their smokepoles. :)
  12. What's Moose milk? Milk Mooseman drinks? LOL

    I don't think milk would work.