How many of you watched the show Rat Patrol

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  1. Ranger4

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    Hanauma bay. First time I nearly had a moray eel nearly bite me in the face, I had no clue they were docile and had no idea they got to 6 feet in Hawaii. Here is a flick of guys playing with one.
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  2. Huey Rider

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    Hoppalong Cassidy!

    Used to watch Terry and the Pirates on Saturday mornings.

    Who remembers Tim Tyler’s Luck?

  3. Ranger4

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    I still have one of those hats somewhere. When I went to MP school they had a course called Rat Patrol. It was officially named something like "Combat Driving". We got to drive the 1/4 tons full throttle in the boonies. They had a few places where you went a little airborne as you came down a steep slope on a big sand dune type hill, that is what gave it the nickname, Rat Patrol. That hill was maybe 100 feet elevation, but it was about 45 degrees, so with just a little speed you could get 6-8 feet off the ground and then land in sand. A hoot. Thanks for reminding me of that memory. I have a Jeep Wrangler rag top, but if my wife caught me airborne in it, it would not end well. Maybe after it gets older, it just rolled over 40K so it could be a while.
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  4. Stickman

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    Rat Patrol was my favorite show. I even named a dog Hitchcock.

    Maybe it's why I've owned so many Jeeps! LOL
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  5. White Rook

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    Tour of Duty,Combat, Rat Patrol and Twelve O'clock High, is on every Saturday on the H&I network.
  6. Sav .250

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    Started in 1928 on radio .Then TV till 1960.
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  7. BudW

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    Never missed a show,enjoyed it
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  8. BudW

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    For a good laugh
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  9. BudW

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    For a good laugh
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  10. mauser9

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    Yep always caught Rat Patrol. Hans the german still on a soap opera today. Changed his name to Eric Braden. Also catching the old Laramie series with Robert Fuller and John Smith. Ran from 59-63 I believe.
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  11. bobvonb

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    first show I can remember watching was Red Ryder. In one episode he swam underwater across a pond to pop up behind the bad guy. Well there was an indoor pool at my school (first grade, Walnut Park Country Day School for Boys near Boston, Mass, if you please) and I decided to try the underwater trick. Problem was I didn't know how to swim yet and an upper class (prob a 6th grader) pulled me out by my hair. Duh.

    Point of interest. Cisco Kid was one of the first shows filmed in color even though only broadcast in B&W until reruns a decade or so later in color.
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  12. Yep, If I remember right as a Small Boy the Sunday Afternoon Lineup was Combat, 12 O'Clock High and Rat Patrol was in there too but the 1st two were a Staple.

    Then of Course the Western's Lot's of the Classics like Gunsmoke but as a Kid I think my favorite two were "Wild Wild West" and "Paladin - Have Gun... Will Travel" (a line that I still use often today changing it to whatever I need to bring like Camera, Toolbox etc.). Later on I always liked "Baa Baa Black Sheep" but by the mid to late 70's TV had gotten away from the Military and Western Classics it seemed.
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  13. mauser9

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    Ah yes the memories. Recall vaguely folks watching The Tonight Show with Jack Paar and What's My Line on Sunday at 10:30 P.M. All contestants received a free carton of Winston cigarettes! Don't see that anymore.
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  14. MRT NH 72

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    Wild Wild West was a must see! Only 1 english station on tv was AFRTS. Base tv station Puerto Rico. If you missed your show you were out of luck
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  15. jwrauch

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  16. Ranger4

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    As you know when the tide is low, the reef is barely below the surface. The tide was pulling me out, and the eel was moving toward my face coming up out of the reef. Trying to swim backward as my bro in law was frantically waving at me to get back. Funny later, I had no clue what it was. I actually thought it was an electric eel or some kind of sea snake and was thrashing around like some psycho. Guess I scared it off.
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  17. Huey Rider

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    How about Tour of Duty?


    And China beach?

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  18. Tigercat200

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    I've been binge watching Rat Patrol on YouTube. Getting very little else done. I hope you're happy !! o_O
  19. MRT NH 72

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    Nope. No 12 O'clock High game. Not much really. 3 Tonka trucks, a few Matchbox cars.