How much 7.62 X 39 ammo do you keep on hand?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Firemedic, Mar 16, 2002.

How much SKS ammo do you keep on hand?

  1. I just buy it as I use it

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  2. less than 100 rounds

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  3. 101 to 400 rounds

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  4. 401 to 1000 rounds

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  5. 1001 to 2000

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  6. What are you the ATF? The newspapers would call me an ammo dump.

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  1. Firemedic

    Firemedic Guest

    I try to keep at least 2000 rounds on hand and replace any I use as soon as I use. The stuff is cheap and fun to burn up at the range.
  2. Robert C

    Robert C Guest

    last time i took count was when i moved 7 months ago...somewhere arounf 13K rnds... just in SKS ammo alone....

  3. Robert C,

    Can I have your exact address? It'll be easier to draw up the Search Warrant request to the Judge. he he he he

    Just kidding of course. Or am I?
  4. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Evangelist

    I keep about 2K rounds in reserve, and buy as I shoot it......
  5. Robert

    Robert Guest

    well, some of us dont fit in the categories

    Seems that I usually have about 100 rounds of loaded ammo. Some of them are hand-loaded, but I buy cheappos just to fool around with. I have a couple of my own loads boxed up, some of them standard 123 gr. softpoints, some of them are loaded with more specialty .308 rounds like Speer TNT's or Ballistic tips. I have about 800 peices of .311 caliber on hand for loading if for some reason I need to load up. If there is ever an emergency national situation, I would trust my capacity to re-load before assuming that I would be able to go buy it retail. Hell, look at the Sept 11 ordeal. Instead of thinking Americans needed to be armed to aid our country in a crisis, some stores put all their ammo in lock up. Ya know what, if there were a real crisis in this country, and eneny forces were invading my home town, I would be on a long, long list for the police to come to my house to help me. And that is assuming that the emergency numbers werent BUSY or that I could even reach the local police or anyone that gives a flying Yahoo about common citizens. If the crap hits the fan; I am on my own. Anyone that beleives otherwise is an idiot.
    Boy was that long winded or what,, anyway...Does that ammo count include the experimental rounds? I am waiting for 200 and 220 gr. lead .308 Dum-Dums to arrive also. The 7.62x39 is an exceptional round to build a 'poor man's' 300 Whisper. A big ol chunk of lead with 6 grs. of Red Dot. Has a lot of knock down without all the noise. Sounds like a .22 rimfire and will go through 7 thicknesses of 2x4.
  6. powerkicker

    powerkicker Guest

    I've got 3 guns in 7.62x39 to feed so I have to keep plenty handy.;)
  7. KidKwiK

    KidKwiK Guest

    Must keep enough ammo to keep your wife on edge!!:)
  8. dodge

    dodge Guest

    I've got an even 80 rounds of WOLF 7.62x39 on hand, I bought it a week ago at my gunshop(it comes in 20 round boxs for 2.99 a box) Im waiting for my uncle to find the 150+ rounds of surplus(russian I think) ammo he has, it's some where in one of the boxs of stuff he has packed away in his basement(I hope he find's it soon! I wanna shoot it!:D)
  9. powerkicker

    powerkicker Guest

    Better go shopping! You simply MUST have at least 300 rounds on hand!Thats the RULE!!!:D
  10. ScottD

    ScottD Guest

    More the Better

    Start with 1000 and I reload the stuff. I know it's cheap. But I like to reload and my Mini-30 likes it better. Always have 700+ to burn up.
  11. steve k.

    steve k. Guest

    I keep around 400 - 500 rounds for each gun that I have.
  12. LOBO

    LOBO Guest

    I learned when the Los Angeles Riots happened that you need plenty of ammo as every one cleaned out the ammo shelves the same day! And then there was no police available for a week.
    GOT AMMO? Yea I got enough.
  13. bigwheel

    bigwheel Guest


    Ammo, what ammo? Do you just want to know about what I keep in the house? Or do I need to tally up all that's crammed in the garage, shed, rental storage and bunker? Do reloading components count too? Hmmm, WHO ARE YOU, THE ATF? Worse yet, the FIRE MARSHALL!?
    Just kidding,, I keep a couple thousand rounds on hand because I shoot a wide variety of guns. I have LOTS of .38 special reloads but can go through a couple of hundred on a given weekend. Lots, of 7.92x57and 7.62 x 39 too, cuz it's cheap and fun to shoot. All the other stuff is based on sale items on the surplus market.
  14. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    If they ever pass that stupid "arsenal" law about not having more than 1000 rounds in possession (including .22's and shotshells!), then we're all in the pokey. Heck, I can go through that much in a weekend!
    Didn't realize just how much I had, til I moved to a new house recently. I found some boxes that i'd misplaced for years. Found my long-lost Kabar, too.
  15. Firemedic

    Firemedic Guest

    GPS, Ammo Cans and a shovel.

    What ammo?
  16. jerry

    jerry Since 03-15- 2002 Forum Contributor

    It varies, usulaly hangs around 1k
  17. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    1,500-3,000...depends on how hungry my SLR101S and VEPR K have I'm gonna have to feed a Yugo SKS! :cool: ;)
  18. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 G&G Evangelist

    The way you've been feeding your AKs, Joe, I doubt you'll notice that Yugo SKS eating at the same table. It'll be like the kid of the family who always gets the best grades (more accurate than AK), is less complicated to deal with (simple fixed mag whose strippers take up far less space than an AK mag when empty), and eats less at the dinner table (10rd at a time in a design that makes you want to aim your shots) all while getting less attention than the rambunchious kids of the family that are louder and faster (your AKs)
  19. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    That a good way to put it...:D
  20. jerry

    jerry Since 03-15- 2002 Forum Contributor

    Yes BRG3, very creative. :right: