How to beat the anti gun crowd

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  1. Howdy,

    It is as simple as this. if you own a firearm, legally, then you should join the NRA. Period. Join any other gun rights organization you want, but cough up the 25 bucks and join.

    You may not agree with everything the NRA does, but then anyone who believes everything any one or any entity does, short of the almighty himself, well that person is a sheep.

    If we swell the numbers of the NRA, the power weilded in politics would be enormous.

    But don't just stop there. Take a kid, or a non shooter shooting. Teach basic proper handling first and foremost. Help out at your local kids hunters safety courses. Be a part of the community.

    And for all our sakes, even if your a union member, DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO IS ANTI GUN! Check their records and vote based on that, not what the lying turd is saying to get elected, or re-elected. Their voting history is the true voice of their soul.

    If you are being strong armed by your union to vote Lib/dem, tell em okay. and go vote pro gun.

    This assasin in the east is only the opening act in a long, bitter drawn out legal battle to make all law abiding gun owners criminals. Time to fight now, before the battle gets rolling full steam!

    JOIN THE NRA, Give a gift membership or two every year and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
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    joining the nra sounds nice but it ain't going to happen in my house. I scrap up extra change just to get me a copy of shot gun news. maybe i can talk the wife into it this xmas. the goverment calls what i'm on a fixed income. But how can it be fixed if i'm always broke.????? lol.


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    I was hoping the only way to beat the anti crowd was with a baseball bat!

    Join every gun organization except the nra, we need a different and real voice to lobby our concerns. Just haven't been happy with them and know full well I am not going to agree with everything everyone says - but I have that choice - no sheep here - you want sheep - go to Montana - I hear they are a little nervous but they are plentiful.

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    You have got to be kidding me. Join all but the NRA? There would be no others if it hadn't been for the NRA! The NRA IS THE 800 POUND GORILLA ON THE FLOOR FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS WHILE THE OTHER LITTLE CHIMP GROUPS SKITTER AROUND!
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    It's important to say the least.....
  7. I sent in my money. Still waiting for the NRA hat and magazine.
    I was a member for many years, but I went broke awhile back and didnt renew until now.